ONE HIT WONDERLAND: St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion) by John Parr

Who the heck is St. Elmo anyway?

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  1. I never saw the movie, but does the name of the bar actually have to do anything with sailors or anything relating to St. Elmo? If not, that’s rather annoying.

  2. In the mood for St. Elmo’s Fire in song? It’s safe to say “go with Brian Eno instead.” However, the cheese appeal can make Parr worth it.

  3. Nahiltheguardian

    How dare you disrespect the glorious tenet of perfect 80’s ballads known as “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”. Failure to bow down to the high priest, god-wizard Phil Collins will result in permanent excommunication and fiery damnation!

  4. Ah… I get it. John Parr was that one guy who listened to Born in the USA and only took away the title. Gotcha.

  5. Wow. I have not heard St. Elmo’s Fire in a long time.

  6. Hey Schumacher directed The Lost Boys, not everything he did was bad.

    But yeah, this song is awesome 80s cheese.

  7. I remember the song because that’s the tune Lisa put on the radio “Sideshow bob roberts”

  8. Did he desereve better. Obviously not if he couldn’t spell :p

    I’ve actually watched the St Elmo’s Fire film and cannot remember the song (or most of the film for that matter)

    I should probably join Todd’s Patreon and force him to review House Of Pain-Jump Around haha

  9. We had this on CD and listened to it all the time in my 90s childhood. Tremendously fun bit of 80s cheese.

    I wish we still had movie soundtracks like this.

  10. I think for anybody my age, hearing this song brings up images of Lisa driving Homer around.

  11. the notorious white moth

    Who is St. Elmo? St. Elmo is St. Erasmus, patron saint of sailors, explorers, and adventurers. He gave King James and his scholars access to the Vatican’s archives, and so contributed significantly to modern English translations of the Bible.

    St. Elmo’s Fire is the bright blue glow that sometimes surrounds objects when they have a particularly strong electrostatic charge, as when they’re about to be hit by lightning. When a ship’s mast glowed blue, it was taken as a sign from St. Erasmus, a warning that the ship was in danger and the crew had to act quickly to safe their own lives and if possible the ship.

  12. I never knew where this song came from but I’ve heard it at least once before. I can’t say the same for Naughty Naughty or Love Grammar. St.Elmo is a bad movie? Huh… I wouldn’t know. Man, can Parr please give me the Britishness that he gave up? I will HAPPILY take it. Haha. Can’t wait for your Mmmbop video.

    I actually like this movie. It was better than Daredevil. Although, I may like it because it came out when I was still in elementary school. Follow up comment to come! 😀

  13. Go inspirational 80’s Canadian athletes with disabilities!

  14. I’m just gonna assume the title “Love Grammar” was a misprint on the album cover and he’s actually singing “Love Gramma, the Gramma of love” because it amuses me to think he’s actually singing about his GILF fetish and everyone just decided universally misnaming it “Love Grammar” was the best way of dealing. As such I am never going to look up the actual lyrics to find out if they actually talk about grammatical constructs.

    Aww, the Hanson one might be more fun than you expect, Todd. Well, other than having to actually listen to Mmmbop a thousand times. But their career afterwards is actually pretty interesting.

    • I actually enjoyed Tinted Windows quite a bit.

    • I was just going to say the same thing, actually. There were two songs they released in 2010 (“Thinking ‘Bout Something” and “Give A Little”) that were actually really fun. I love them. Hanson in general is pretty underrated, and it’s entirely because of the rep “Mmmbop” gave them.

  15. As a Canadian who grew up in the 1980’s around the time Rick Hanson was wheeling around the world, I can indeed verify that this song was on CONSTANTLY from about 1985 to 1990, and still pops up around telethons for disabled kids. We frigging love this song in all its cheesy glory.

  16. A Hanson video? Maybe he’ll rename it to “More-Than-One Hit Wonderland or something.”

    But yeah, never heard of this, but jeez, it’s awesome.

  17. Oh….Mmbop? Oh….I am so, so sorry Todd. No one should have to listen to that song once, much less enough times to get review materials.

  18. St. Elmo’s Fire? I like how the song sounds, but I am very uncertain about the movie, which I doubt would be any good, or at least on par with Streets of Fire. Anyway, have you ever seen Streets of Fire, Todd? It’s more music-based than the other one.

    Also, the only good Joel Schumacher film that I know of (and watched) is The Lost Boys, and I thought it was painful in a couple of places (the mom’s idiotic behavior).

  19. For a second there I thought there was really a song out there named “love grandma.”

    Not so, apparently. Strange, but a different level of strange.


  21. LuciusMadgloom

    Wow. I Love this song. I’m From Poland &it pops up quite a lot on radios. Not sure how its in the US but here Old hits get a lot of air time & there’s a radio station dedicated to playing only old classics so if you’re on the road you may get more acquainted with those than new stuff. No surprise really considering nowadays drivers listen to the radio the most

  22. It’s really ironic that John Parr has become so detached from his British roots, because this song is still pretty popular in Britain. It played on a semi-regular basis when I was growing up, and no doubt it’s still got a cushy spot in the 80s selection on Signal.

  23. I can’t hear Naughty Naughty without thinking of the neighborhood beer bar with topless dancers, half of whom wore spandex and tried to dance like Marine Jahan in FLASHDANCE. Naughty Naughty was in heavy rotation with Start Me Up by the Stones, and State Of Shock by Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger.

  24. gintareforever9

    I’m surprised that I have heard Naughty Naughty on the radio, never knowing who the song was by and it makes sense now. John Parr is the anti Terry Gilliam apparently with the nationality thing and probably talent wise as well

  25. Oh please, please do MMMBop!

  26. So… Cinema Brad! Wanna review St. Elmo’s Fire?

  27. Wow…two Journey references in one video? C’mon, Todd — you know you want to — it’s calling you — do a JOURNEY RETROSPECTIVE!!

    *watches the hordes of crazed drooling maniacal Steve Perry fans descend*

  28. Cinnamon Scudworth

    You did bend the rules. If he wrote the Gillette song, he’s not a one-hit wonder.

  29. Daemian Lucifer

    Mainstream rock?Theres an oxymoron.I guess it fits right there with quiet metal and good techno.

  30. Never heard about him but i like how his songs sound
    This one hit wonder is very great

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