One Tin Soldier by Coven – One Hit Wonderland

It’s the return of the One Hit Wonderland Spooktacular!

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  1. I’ve never heard of this song. Ugh, this band gives me the creeps. O.O Although, I do want to see Billy Jack now. ^.^

  2. Billy Jack also inspired two laboratory mice in an attempt to take over the world.

    “Valley People are filthy greedy scum!” Fer sher! Like, totally! Gag me with a spoon.

  3. Wow, if I realized you were looking for Halloween one hit wonders I would have suggested the Crazy World of Arthur Brown’s classic Fire. You got to love a song that starts with “I am the God of Hellfire!”

  4. Yeah, I know this song entirely because of Rob Paravonian, but I had no idea the most famous version was a cover. Actually, now I’m really curious what the heck version I actually found on YouTube back in the day, because I’ve just gone through all three you mentioned and none of them perfectly match my memory.

  5. What’s the version in the end? It sounds a lot better.

  6. Fun fact. After watching this video, that song got stuck in my head over and over on a loop for TWO SOLID WEEKS.

  7. Here is the whole picture that melds the song together Todd….

    The valley people were greedy, hateful people. The mountain people offered to _share_ the treasure with them. But the valley people simply wanted 100% of it for themselves. Ao they did what they thought was right by them and committed genocide.

    In a very ideological sense, peace on earth is considered the “ultimate treasure.”

    So the moral of the story is, if people were not so hateful and greedy, peace among all could be attained and the world could live in harmony.

    Yes, a very granola crunching hippie-esque message, but I hope this helped shed some light on the confusion.

    • Yeah, I normally *hate* this trope where somebody seeks out a treasure and it turns out to be intangible, but it actually doesn’t bother me too much here, maybe because of the bitterness and sarcasm in that chorus. This actually sounds like one of the better peace-and-love hippie songs to me, and I think the vocals are excellent.

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