Onyx: Slam – Rap Critic

Rap Critic looks at Slam by Onyx, briefly and the… less than stellar sequel song, “Slam Harder”…

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I’ve never heard of this. Then again, I only listen to corny music for the most part. Still, since this song is from an older era and its clean, I’ll totally check this out.


I find it amusing when people say that Hip Hop and Heavy Metal fusions started in the 90s. Run-DMC were fusing Metal and Hip Hop a decade before, and they were followed closely by the Beastie Boys.

Although I will admit, the Metal of the 90s was a bit harder edged than the 80s.


Respectfully, I have to disagree with Rap Critic; I liked the remix of “Slam” with Biohazard more than I do the original. The metal fusion added to the mood perfectly. However, I never knew that Onyx attempted a follow up track, “Slam Harder” before seeing this video. Honestly, compared to the original, “Slam Harder” seems embarrassingly tame.