Original Squatty Potty Ad – Infomercialism

Mike checks out the Squatty Potty ad which came before the ice cream pooping unicorn…

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    YeH I definitely prefer the pooping unicorn thank you very much:)

  2. How can I resist that adorable grin?!

  3. It seems to me that you could fix the issue just by bending forward at the waist if you start feeling like you need to strain. You’d still be squatting–you just moved your upper body rather than your legs to get into position. And it’s a lot more comfortable.

    You might think it would make your butthole point above the seat, but try it. It still points basically downward. You’d just shoot more towards the back than the front.

  4. I’ve heard the sit down toilets cause hemorrhoids (or piles if you prefer) theory, not sure what the status of that theory is. However the sit down toilet long predates the industrial revolution, as ancient Romans had sit down latrines thousands of years ago. Conversely squat toilets continue to predominate in many parts of Asia, such as China, despite industrialization. This stool contraption seems like it still leaves your back side somewhat elevated compared to the squat toilets I have seen.

    People used to squat toilets find sit downs mysterious and vice versa so the squat vs. sit down may just boil down to what you are used to. However my sense is that the Japanese were a squat toilet culture (still are in more minimalist rest rooms if I understand right). but there super advanced toilets with all the bells and whistles are sit down models. So assuming these are the best toilets that is a point for the sit down type.

    Although not much point in heated seats unless you actually sit on it so the advantages may be tangential to evacuating human waste…

  5. Prefer this to a pooping unicorn and a feces eater. But still – if you have trouble going you don’t need a Squatty Potty, just eat some prunes.

  6. If you are really constipated I don’t think that Squatty would probably do that much to help you I bet.

    Also, Ice Cream pooping Unicorn, awesome in theory, but I don’t know if I want to see it in Real Life.

  7. I somehow feel that this is odder than the unicorn ad… and I don’t know why…

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