Other Stuff: Backseat Critique: Cinderella (2015)

ROBYN IS BACK! And joins Hagan in watching Kenneth Branaghs Cinderella.

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Snorgatch Pandalume
Bearing in mind that I have nothing against lesbianism, there is nothing in Frozen to suggest any sort of sexual relationship between Elsa and Anna. This is pure wishful thinking on Diamanda’s part. I’ve seen this before in members of the LGBT community–if two characters of the same gender have any sort of friendship or care about each other, it automatically means they’re banging. The reason for this tendency is simple: validation. It’s understandable, given that the LGBT community has been marginalized for most of human history, and given that many members of it have suffered greatly due to social… Read more »

Why are you stating that they forgot to dye her eyebrows? There are many blondes that have naturally dark eyebrows. It’s based on your genetics.