Other Stuff – Backseat Critique: Ginger Snaps

The wonderful Patron that the gods named ‘Misti’ requested we watch the Canadian horror ‘Ginger Snaps’ and ‘lo… it happened.

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  1. I love Ginger Snaps, it’s my favorite werewolf movie (I’d also put The Howling and The Company of Wolves in my top five). The second one I liked for the most part, but it did end up getting a bit too dark for my tastes. The third one was just meh.

    • Original Howling and Americian Werewolf in London are among my top werewolf films.

      The sequels were garbage that tried to capitalize on their popularity.

  2. I remember catching Ginger Snaps on cable and loving it. The chemistry and the drama between the 2 sisters was very well done and while I’m glad the 2 leads returned for the sequels, the sequels were nowhere near as good as the original.

    • Agreed, that’s another reason I prefer the first Ginger Snaps to the second. The sequel couldn’t have that same sisterly dynamic due to the way the original ended.

      • I felt having Ginger as a ghost was forced and the entire movie should have just been about Bridgette. I guess Ginger was forced in due to how popular the first one was.

  3. I remember when I first watched Ginger Snaps and was almost disappointed that they did show her full wolf form at the end – It would have been an interesting experiment to go the whole movie without ever showing the “money shot”. anyway, I loved this vlog – Whenever a movie makes any of you reminisce, it’s a good time.

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