Other Stuff: Backseat Critique: Insurgent

Robyns still around so zi joined Omega and Hagan in seeing Insurgent. Hagan and Robyn saw Divergent and thought it was shit, Omega didn’t see Divergent but thought it was likely shit.

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  1. Diamanda, when you said that you thought a crazy cult bought Chicago and the rest of the world left them alone…. you were not far off. I haven’t read the books but people like to spoil stuff and in this case I’m glad I got spoiled because FUCK the explaination for how this shitty dystopian society came to be is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve heard in awhile.

  2. Of course they go after the divergents because they can’t be controlled that’s the whole point they created a mind control serum but coudn’t get it to work on divergents because it was based on fear and you know there are only 4 types of fear.

    The whole idea of killing diver gents in this series is the same logic on why in x-men people go after mutants who haven’t done anything. Because they are powerful and can’t be controlled.

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