Other Stuff: Hagan Reacts to the Jem Trailer

Hagan is excited to see the first trailer for her upcoming biopic.

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  1. The way Hagan’s face changed throughout watching the trailer haha! Was really funny!

    • Lady Gaga and the holograms… minus any actual musical talent.

      • PS: Big wig cream face was awesome!

        • I think that was supposed to be mouth foam.

          • It was shaving foam. The rest of the ‘look’ was the silver shirt, clown mask with wig (on backwards), sunglasses and a severed hand stuck in the shirt (hard to see, which is sad because it looked like it was coming out of my tit and attacking me).

            None of the things had any meaning, Id just had a breakdown of some sort. The mouth foam idea makes much more sense. I shoulda used whipped cream and had it in my mouth 😀

      • People keep comparing it to Hannah Montana, Justin Beiber and now Lady Gaga. Doesn’t anyone remember that Josie and the Pussycats movie they tried to make in 2001 or Disney’s TV movie Radio Rebel with Debbie Ryan in 2012. That’s the first thing I thought of during the trailer. Also the subplot from Chipmunks: The Squeakquel where Brittany was being pushed ahead of the other Chipettes. Honestly, it will probably be one of those movies that original fans hate, but younger kids will like. Then again, it could be like the first Equestria girls movie where the original trailer made it look like a typical high school mean girl movie, but the second trailer was better received.

        I don’t really remember many details of the show. I came across it when I was younger, but I was more focused on G.I. Joe and Ninja Turtles at the time. All 3 seasons are on Netflix right now if anyone is interested. Also, the Nostalgia Chick did a review of it a few years back. It should still be on the site or her blip page.

    • It looked the same to me from beginning to end. The blurry camera & copious amount of face paint make it hard to tell.

  2. SailorRustyBacon

    But Diamanda! I thought you were a member of Jetta’s former band, The Tinkerbillies! D: Supposedly The Misfits or even Synergy aren’t going to be in this movie about Jerrica Hannah Montana Beiber (featuring music from ONE DIRECTION!!)

    I’d been following that trainwreck of a production off and on since its announcement, and here’s a sum of what went down during the whole thing: http://bklynbarbie.tumblr.com/post/85726414210/jem-the-movie-truly-a-disaster-i-have-been#notes

    This movie was originally going to be called Famous, but somehow John Chu was able to buy the rights of the Jem and the Holograms characters from Hasbro, and tack them on to his script. So yeah, all the characters will be just in name only.

    • Oh wow, this is totally screwed up. They just lied to the fans in order to create buzz for the movie. You know, this could actually be a case of fraud, if someone could prove that this stunt caused financial damage.

      • No that’s just Hollywood standard operating procedure I’m afraid…

        • Snorgatch Pandalume

          Sort of like how the script for I, Robot wasn’t written as an adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s classic novel. The producers simply purchased the rights to the novel and then pasted the title and the names of some of the characters onto a pre-existing script that had nothing to do with it. Fans of the novel reacted pretty much the way Hagan did upon seeing the finished product.

  3. i AGREE 100%

  4. and you know the sad thing is that the director claimed he was a huge fan of the show, that’s why he wanted to make this movie…I’m going to cry now…

  5. Out of everything I found what pissed me off the most was turning her into just a kid. When I was little I LIKED that Jerrica was a grown-ass woman with work and responsibilities outside out just running around singing, there weren’t that many shows aimed at girls that said “Hey, your life can still be fun and exciting when you’re all grown up”. If you want a teen viewpoint to help hook the kids Kimber could provide it, don’t drag these women down to the level of one of Disney’s carefully tailored pop acts!

  6. Never thought Hagan might be a Jem fan. Maybe of The Misfits. 😛

    Still, this was hilarious. Thanks.

  7. Great googly moogly does that look like a ripe turd. Jem and the Holograms was marketed for girls, but what drew me to the show as a young boy was the fact that she had a supercomputer, and earrings that allowed her to project holograms of different clothing (and possibly faces?? Memory is so faded..) onto her body. These gadgets were the show to me, though I secretly adored the punk look of the Misfits. I looked forward to each episode thinking “What adventures are those earrings going to get her into this time?” My heart leapt when I saw the title among the trailers, but my reaction to this trailer was the same. What the &^%*????????? Where’s the adventure and excitement? Where the hell are the holographic earrings that were so central to the plot they named the band after them?? This looks like a boring ‘rise of a superstar’ movie. Gods what a waste!

  8. So now Hollywood has become incompetent and regurgitating old shit!? The whole point of taking on a brand like this is that the nostalgia will bring in the old fans, who will bring in their children and stuff. As bad as a lot of other nostalgia stuff is, they actually did stick to the basic premise of who the characters are.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with a show called Jem and the Holograms. It’s the Justin Bieber story with a girl. They have a property with a pop star superhero when superheroes are huge, and they completely waste it.

  9. There is a Jem and the Holograms comic by IDW that it think have good reception.

  10. Well now, looks like the developer might be getting a letter-bomb/pocket-dimension projector stuffed with kidnap minions…

  11. Oh my gawd, my expressions while watching the trailer matched yours exactly! I mean…. I guess the 80s cartoon reflected the MTV-oriented culture of the 80s and so the new movie is trying to reflect todays Twitter-obsessed culture but…. shiiiiiiiiit. I don’t want to see this crap at all!

    • With such an inaccurate and shameless take on an 80s cartoon you’d think this shit was produced by Michael Bay! At least if it was we’d get to see Jem explode or something. This just looks BOOOOOORIIIIING.

  12. I remember liking the show as a kid.
    It definitely made me notice girls.

  13. I feel you, Mistress. This trailer is truly truly truly outrageous, but not in a good way at all! Am I the only one who sees Hagan going all The Interview on this shit?

  14. See what you did, Jem trailer?

    You made the clown angry!

  15. So, Jon Chu made a squeal to ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’, called ‘Jem and the Holograms: Never Say Never 2’. It looks like shit!


  17. A movie about a young starlet who becomes famous and then gets entangled in the trappings of Hollywood and stardom?

    No, certainly haven’t seen that before….

    Sounds like they just slapped on the Jem name to try and sell it better.

  18. This is amazing!

  19. Hagen you poor thing

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