OUATiming in Wonderland, Ep. 1: “Hello Alice” – Shark Jumping

Beth & Abbey dive into the first episode of OUAT in Wonderland. Alice commits shoeicide, Jafar shows off his crazy hair, and B&A already make a few enemies with some unpopular opinions about the Cheshire Cat.

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  1. AmbrosiusAurelianus

    This is the only Once Upon A Time series I watched, and I was surprised to find I really enjoyed it. It was dumb (but not quite as dumb as it pretended to be), campy (but capable of cleverness and actual character development), and lots of fun. It didn’t drag things out too much, but kept the plot moving. It also wrapped things up satisfyingly, no cliff-hangers! The knave was lots of fun, and even characters I started out disliking (like the Red Queen and Jafar) ended up being pretty interesting.

    “Pixellated perfection.” haha, that’s a good way to describe the effects. It was cheerfully, boldly low-budget, and it totally worked. If you can buy into the campy acting and stories, the colorful effects should be no problem.

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