Our Response

Since the posting of the “Not So Awesome” document on Monday, April 2, 2018, we have been exploring all of our options of how to address the lies that have been alleged by multiple disgruntled individuals with vindictive intentions.

Channel Awesome has always tried to keep our dealings with our content partners out of the public eye and despite any differences or disagreements we have never publicly spoken negatively about any of them, but a response to the accusations leveled against us must happen.

Obviously, we cannot address all 73 plus pages of accusations against us in this forum, but we will address the most egregious now.

ACCUSATION – Jane Doe accuses us of knowing about a “sexual deviant” for over a year (Page 66).

FACT – The screen shot below clearly demonstrates the time elapsed from being made aware of the individual in question (name redacted for legal reasons) and the time the content partner was released from Channel Awesome – 3 weeks, not over a year. During the 3 week period, we consulted a lawyer and waited to see if anyone would come directly to us, as our only knowledge of this was second hand.

It is obvious the person who came forward with this in the Not So Awesome document wants their name protected, so we will continue to do so.

ACCUSATION – Sean Fausz accuses former Channel Awesome COO and founder, Michael Ellis, of a conversation of sexual nature that lasted over two hours (Page 49 & 50.)

FACT – Michael Ellis resigned from the company and no contact from Michael Ellis was attempted after the conversation was reported to Michael Michaud. With any termination involving a founder and shareholder, legal separation must happen and this takes time.

ACCUSATION – Multiple content partners state payment for their contributions to the site were not compensated.

FACT – From the beginning of the site, anyone that has been added as a content partner was informed that ChannelAwesome.com was an aggregator for their content. At no time did Channel Awesome take a cut of their videos, as the practice is with Multi Channel Networks (MCNs). We never wanted to be an MCN and only asked them to schedule their videos that they already were doing for Blip.tv and YouTube.
We gave them access to over 30 million page views and over a million unique viewers a month at our height. Channel Awesome viewed the partnership as a way to help content partners grow their audience while bringing in new content and increasing the community within the site.

Further benefiting content partners, Channel Awesome covered all costs associated with server, hosting and labor costs associated with maintenance and updates. Some content partners even had their servers for their own sites paid for by Channel Awesome. None of these costs were ever passed along to our content partners.

ACCUSATION – The document talks about the drop in traffic to the site.

FACT – While we did have an initial drop after the switch to Demo Reel, the real hit to the site’s traffic came from our growing presence on YouTube. When we relaunched the Nostalgia Critic show in January of 2013, Blip.tv decided to start placing the full episode up on the LeagueofSuperCritics channel a week after we launched it on Thatguywiththeglasses.com.

As we grew on LeagueofSuperCritics more and more viewers decided to watch it on YouTube instead of our site. The biggest blow to site traffic came before the downfall of Blip.tv. While we won’t go into full details, we were forced to abandon the LeagueofSuperCritics channel and instantly start achannelthatsawesome in May, 2015. This is the point when traffic began to quickly drop off our site (now Channelawesome.com). One of the biggest accusers stated that they might still be on the site if the views were there. As stated by Kaylyn below:

ACCUSATION – Multiple content partners have alleged our Anniversary Specials were not compensated for time worked and crossover videos were asked to be turned over, if filmed, to Channel Awesome.

FACT – When invitations for the Anniversary Specials were issued, we made it clear to all content partners that their participation was on a voluntary basis. In addition, content partners were always given the option of declining our invitation with no questions asked and no repercussions. We understood we were asking our content partners to give up their time and that not everyone could do that.

The Producer Contract for Channel Awesome 3rd Anniversary Film Participation also outlined the following terms and conditions for those who did agree to participate, including:
• Participation was voluntary
• Crossovers were never required

Everyone who attended the anniversary was told that Channel Awesome would cover the cost of travel, lodging, breakfast, lunch, and dinner if the filming went late.

ACCUSATION – A few content partners alleged a misogynistic work atmosphere by Channel Awesome.

FACT – Channel Awesome’s current and former female staff, including Tamara Chambers, Rachel Tietz, Aiyanna Wade, and Heather Reusz, have had vastly different experiences than the ones described. We are always trying to improve ourselves both personally and professionally and moving forward we will implement mandatory sensitivity training for all staff to ensure we maintain a culture of respect for all employees.

ACCUSATION – Holly Brown makes numerous accusations throughout the document.

FACT – Holly Brown is a former employee and shareholder who was allowed to resign. Unfortunately her accusations are not true and are vindictive in nature.

ACCUSATION – Holly Brown alleges CEO Michael Michaud, is sole owner of the Nostalgia Critic IP.

FACT – The IP is owned by Channel Awesome, Inc. The partnership is owned by four individuals with a 5th person joining ownership by the end of the year.

ACCUSATION – Holly Brown alleges Channel Awesome had her work during “To Boldly Flee” after her surgery.

FACT – During this time, Robert Walker, Doug Walker and Michael Michaud told her she did not have to work. Site updates were performed by others as she recovered.

ACCUSATION – Lindsay Ellis alleges Doug Walker and Channel Awesome ignored concerns regarding the “transformation scene.”

FACT – As the screen shot below shows, Lindsay was repeatedly asked for her opinion and approval of the scene before it was finalized. Lindsay even helped Doug make the scene sound ‘better.’

ACCUSATION – Lindsay Ellis alleges Channel Awesome did not do enough to protect female content partners from abusive commenters.

FACT – Channel Awesome has a strict policy regarding our community including IP banning all abusive posters, as well as banning their account via username and email and continuing to monitor our forums. We worked with Lindsay directly to help her address issues resulting from an abusive commenter.

ACCUSATION – Allison Pregler states “not a single person wasn’t miserable.”

FACT In this video, you’ll find that Allison says that it “was a great production to be a part of. It was a lot of fun to be a part of this and Suburban Knights.”

ACCUSATION – Multiple content partners addressed the lack of communication.

FACT – We agree communication could have and should have been better. We got into this business based on our passion for content creation and have had many growing pains over the years. We always strive to learn from our mistakes and strengthen our skills.
Have we made mistakes? Yes, we have. We even discuss some of our challenges in our behind the scenes videos. We’ve always focused on trying to entertain our viewers, shine spotlights on unknown talent and share our attention with various charities – and we hope to continue to do so moving forward.

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  1. Goodbye for the final time. It’s funny, most of these “accusations” attempt to not be petty, but that’s all you ever seem to come off as Mike.

    • I know, right?

      This blog was more petty than anything in that Google Docs filled with complaints.

    • Oh Channel Autism. It’s cute that you think little things like “facts” and “evidence” are going to change the “minds” of the squealing retards that make up 99% of your audience.
      Nope, it’s all about the fee-fees!!! Some disgruntled middle-aged woman that tells people she’s a twenty-something says bad things happened to her, so it MUST BE TRUE!!!!! Never mind that she has a LONG history of causing drama at TGWTG! Never mind that she conspired to get Spoony fired! Never mind that when her (ex)boyfriend Apollo Z. Hack repeated some of the tall-tales she’d been telling about Doug (that he’d believed), she called him a liar, defended Channel Awesome, and got HIM fired!

      • Cinnamon Scudworth

        And with that, Travoltron belched, hiked up his giant belt buckle and drove away in his 1972 pickup truck with the Confederate Flag decals, keeping an eye out for squirrels to deliberately run over for his evening dinner.

        • lilith_ascennding

          High five, dude! That was an awesome retort 😀

          • I disagree, pretty sure that combatting stereotypes with othee stereotypes excentuates rather than improves it.

        • You misspelled autistic, honey.

          • And you use the word “Autism” as an insult, clearly showing you have no idea what it actually means. I’d say you’re not in a position to judge them.

            Then again, that’s just my opinion.

        • You aspie children can’t refute ANYTHING I said, so you resort to tired stereotypes. I might as well ask you how it is in your mothers’ basements and if you’re enjoying your MLP and Steven Universe cartoons. Except it’s probably true in your case.
          I’m enjoying the death of Channel Autism and how you losers will have one less place to congregate when it goes down.

          • “…one fewer places”

            You’re welcome. <3

          • “one fewer places” is not correct grammar, MartenFerret.

          • Using Aspie as an insult too, now. And I love how you mock people essentially calling them Basement-dwellers and losers, when you are yourself wasting time posting insult on a site you say you dislike. Way to go!

        • Wait, what’s your point, Cinnamon Scudworth?
          People who eat roadkill and are ignorant are evil? Is poverty evil?
          You hate the poor?

          • Happy_Degenerate

            Most neolibs actually do hate the poor, why do you think Trump won? Cause dems were addressing the working class’s problems so well?

          • You mentioned eating roadkill. I immediately thought of the AVGN song. “I’d rather eat, a rotten asshole, of a roadkill skunk and down it with beer”

      • lol cinnamon

      • I’m sorry for being Autistic. I guess I’m part of the problem, you ableist cunt.

        • thank you for beating me to the punch.
          Seriously, disagreeing with a statement is one thing but throwing terms out that attack a spectrum function is way out of line

        • I can deal with one or two you autists at a time, but all of us normies had to leave this site ages ago because you people took over and became the bullies. There was an autistic guy called That Guy with the Headband (or something) that was like their leader with another one whose name I forgot.

          All the content suffered for it. You piled on Doug and made him apologize for harmless jokes that he didn’t need to apologize for. And then when Doug made something terrible like Demo Reel, you PRAISED that crap instead of being honest.
          You nagged Doug and made him review autistic cartoons like Adventure Time and Steven Universe that he didn’t grow up with and clearly didn’t really have an interest in. (He finally dropped those because he couldn’t stand it anymore.)

          You guys REEEEEED “mod! Mod!” whenever someone said anything that hurt your little fee-fees back then. So I’m letting you how I felt one final time before The Titanic sinks.

          • Then go back to 4chan and figure out how you’re going to get away with roofying your crush.

          • The_Madder_Hatter

            You are literally complaining about being bullied as you bully other people. Most people that came to see any of these producers were outcasts of some sort in their world, many of which saw a lot of themselves in Doug, Linkara, Paw (if anyone remembers him) whoever. People didn’t make Doug into anything, he grew up. Unfortunately he never grew a spine.

            If you actually watched his videos, he did editorials about why kids shows are better now than ever. Dude you seem like a really insecure person and for your own good you should get help. Normal people don’t say things like “all of us normies”.

            As far as refuting your claims go, you are one random person that is making wildly outrageous claims while the document is corroborated by more than 20 people. Seriously, get help

          • hey, greg, hi. this is sean, from the normies? yeah, the rest of us normies have finished voting, and i just figured that since the cause is here then we should like, make it public here? made an account and everything.

            anyways, you were the only one IN the band who cared about CA anyways… and jeff said plenty of times behind your back that it was getting creepy… so like.

            you’re fired from the band.

            the normies won’t need your killer drum solos anymore, we found someone who can do the same thing as you but with a garage we can use 24/7.

            also, they probably won’t make an ass of themselves on social media. at the least, they can’t do worse.

            so, y’know. it’s been real, but please dont text me about this. if you post another one of your fucking rants in my messaging inbox, i’m putting it on instagram and sending the link to your mom.

            we all know you’re on thin ice there already, so don’t tempt me.

          • We didn’t report people like you because “we got our feelings hurt.” We report people like you because you’re spouting hate speech.

      • Are you seriously retarded? It’s not one middle-aged woman, it’s dozens of people, most of whom worked with the company for many years. And most of their “facts” and “evidence” doesn’t even have anything to do with the accusations they are lined up against. Have you actually tried reading it?

      • “Oh Channel Autism”

        I’m autistic and I find that offensive!

  2. This is embarrassing. And shameful. This is in every way how NOT to address the accusations.

    RIP Channel Awesome. It was fun while it lasted.

    • There are any number of simple phrases that would have made a world of difference they have yet to use once in this whole debacle.


      • What makes you or the audience owed an apology? If apologies are made to anybody it’s to those they have (allegedly) wronged, which shouldn’t be a public matter.

        • Well, they publicly slandered a whole mess of people, who have proven the slander to be objectively wrong (twitter.com/gookygox/status/984338265762418688 etc) and done nothing but confirm the accusations in the first place while attempting to poorly refute them. So…

    • Looks like they delayed the NC uploading video knowing full and well that we will downvote it. Just upload the damn video so we can all downvote them already!

    • What do you object to? They’re refuting allegations so they’re not going to apologise for what they say they haven’t done.

      Ok, perhaps they’re lying – in which case this is a very, very bad document.

      But if they’re not? Why is it a bad document unless you’ve already decided they’re guilty regardless of facts?

      There are questions to be answered among all the high school drama (Holly in particular seems to have genuine grievances) but you can’t expect them to just accept what they don’t believe to be the case.

      • Exceeeeeeeept they indirectly admit to all of the points where they try to deflect with “but we’re doing better now” while ignoring all of the other allegations and pointedly continuing to not say something so freaking simple a literal toddler can be taught to do it. Even scumbags can at least say it while being completely disingenuous about it. We don’t even get a BP South Park “we’re sorry”. We don’t even get their non-apology “we’re sorry you feel like we should be sorry” from last time that at least has the WORD “sorry” in it.

        They don’t deny that Sean was sexually harrassed by Mike; they even show a screencap of how they reacted when informed: “I told him he couldn’t be doing this”, implying that they already knew and had previously had to talk to him about his inappropriate behavior. They simply say “the allegations are that we knew a year in advance. These screencaps show we fired him three weeks after this particular incident was reported.”

        Which is like the whole “the anniversaries were compulsory” statement. Technically true but completely disingenuous when you realize that the only way ANYONE was EVER paid was with exposure, so pretending like they WEREN’T obligated to be involved when asked to be part of their major annual chance to get exposure doesn’t mean anything.

        And so on.

        • Not to mention, the reports of there being no water on set during one of the filmings is unacceptable.

  3. So, still no apology then?

    You really let this website crash and burn, Mike Michaud.

  4. Oh wow, this is precious.

    So first of all, Mike Michaud, I bet it makes you feel good act like this is a response from you all even though it’s painfully obvious this post was written by YOU.

    Second, it is pretty damn bold of you to claim that ALL these people are lying… yet, we’re supposed to trust YOUR words of it, even though everyone knows you’re an asshole. You’re pretending there are corrolations to the references that you are using for some of these “truths”, and others just have a bunch of text with no context whatsoever.

    And that’s not even bringing up the fact that you say several times they are lying without giving ANY evidence, just saying it and expects us to trust it.

    It’s not that I don’t want to believe you. It’s that it’s painfully obvious you are lying and twisting the truth to work in your favour. Why else would you claim you have done NOTHING wrong whatsoever, even though you have a LOT of people with first-hand experience who disagree?

    And just because you treat your current employees supposedly “well”, that does not mean you can not be a misogynist or an asshole towards these former employees.

    Not even a small tiny little ounce of humility here. You’re seriously so dense and stupid, you expect people to just believe that ALL of these people have told NOTHING but LIES for all these 70+ pages? Are you insane?!

  5. Oh no, this is just the worst thing ever…

  6. Ive never felt the need to make an account till now. But you guys do realize its a 60 page plus document and your barely answered anything here and most answers come off as petty instead of accepting or debunking. There is a lot of smoke here and looks to be a huge fire and it sad cause i love most of the videos and creators and now i think ill need to stop watching. How bout answering everything in the document line by line that would be a great start along with some sort of apology.

    • I don’t like this reply
      this shit should never fly
      this remorse seems to fake
      my patience gonna break,
      CA you let me down,
      polished gold to shit brown,
      time for me to head out
      and support shit I care about.

  7. Renaissance Nerd

    I am so furious at this response that the only way to calm myself is go to socialblade.com and watch your subscriber count fall in real time.

  8. This is pathetic.

  9. Mike,

    This was a chance to be professional about what had happened with the company, and your response to it has made you look like amateurish and vindictive.

    What you should have done is apologized (and yes, you should at this point. You keep mock-apologizing and it’s really off putting) and say “we will be handling the rest privately”. Sure, you can’t control what past producers have done (and they do have a right to complain about past job grievances), but you can control what you do, and this shameful display of professionalism is not cool.

    This is the very last time I shall log in and enter this site. I think I’ll take my business elsewhere.

  10. It doesn’t honestly matter whether or not any of the content you are bringing up is the full true story or there’s evidence to back up what you are saying. This isn’t a PR nightmare just because of what other people are doing, this is a PR nightmare because of what you AREN’T doing. There’s not a single apology in this. Not a single statement of regret other than the generic “we should have communicated better”. Wanna prove how innocent you are in all of this? ACT LIKE YOU ARE BEING HONEST WITH YOUR FORMER PARTNERS AND YOUR AUDIENCE.

    • Like, even the admissions that they have made mistakes in the past are all weaselly and nebulous. It’s like they’re trying their absolute hardest to admit as little fault as possible while doing their best to deflect and redirect the accusations and refusing to apologize for anything.

  11. I don’t usually pay attention to behind the scenes drama but I usually go with the “if there’s smoke, there’s fire” mentality, and there are mistakes you’ve admitted and the evidence seems to fall on the side of these complaints either being exaggerated or fabricated out of vindictiveness by people who were let go or hoped they’d enjoy more success than they did and blame you. Obviously you didn’t address all of the complaints and allegations categorically but frankly I don’t think it’s fair to expect you to.

  12. This is absolutely pathetic. You hardly addressed anything. This is yet ANOTHER corporate bs comment and not an apology. Done with you guys for good after this. You had one more chance to change my mind and continue to watch your stuff but this was the last straw.

    Even if you get it right, it’s too late.

    • I can’t even give them the benefit of calling it ‘corporate bs’. At least Corporate bs tries to make it look like it’s an effort to address the problem. This is like watching a group of hobos argue about who’s got the bigger dick while the house burns down.

      • “This is like watching a group of hobos argue about who’s got the bigger dick while the house burns down.”

        I absolutely love that sentence, and it gave me a good laugh.

        Also it’s a perfect analogy of this situation. I doubt Channel Awesome will be to recover after this blunder of a response. Although at this point, I got to ask…

        Do we even want CA to recover at this point? After their faux apology, and then this deflection, they’ve proven themselves to be a company of scumbags =/

        • Cinnamon Scudworth

          They’re not gonna recover. They can fill the empty spaces with a bunch of naive little kids who weren’t paying attention to all this, but it won’t have the same draw.

        • What needs to happen is: 1) Michaud gone–no negotiations–with new leadership installed, 2) Doug and Rob apologize for not standing up to Mike when appropriate and being inattentive to the beliefs and needs of the producers during anniversary crossovers, and 3) new leadership to issue a public apology to the producers/fans for allowing this PR nightmare to continue for as long.

          • Make Tamara the new PR rep, Malcolm the HR rep, and for chief executive, G U R U L A R R Y !!

    • I agree with you. I also was hoping to a sincere apology for any wrongdoing in the past and am super disappointed in this post. This is not what I wanted to read before I went to sleep. I am not one to follow the herd and unsubscribe but the aggressive nature of this post rather than an apology with screenshots that don’t seem to always fit the context has changed my mind.

  13. Good lord almighty, are you people trying to dig your way out of the hole? Is that your plan?

    You had multiple chances to be professional and forward thinking in addressing this problem and instead you pull the “Oh we’re sorry you feel that way” and “Oh na-uh” crap. Even if everything said in this post is 100% without question objectively accurate, all you’ve done is getting into a dick measuring contest with your former employees who have largely gone out of their ways to ask their followers to not lash out at you. Grow up.

  14. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you should’ve stuck to “I’m sorry you feel that way”

  15. Wow…just….wow, like another poster here I felt the need to sign up just to comment. This is by far the absolute, most assbackwards way to handle this.

    A simple: mistakes have been made, we are working to better ourselves, we’re sorry. Would have worked better.

    What the hell happened? I used to respect this company and its creators so much but just damn.

    • i agree. A simple sorry would have been so nice rather than sorry people feel the way they do.

  16. Marianna Lovegood

    Holy crap, Mikey boy by the end of the hour you are gonna have more comments on this post then you have producers on your site. What makes you think this was a professional response in regards to the allegations made against you?

    I can’t even go into how bafflingly terrible and childish this is, I cannot wait for the geek sites, news and other outlets see this and collectively shame you for this kind of bullcrap, you guys are jokes.

    TGWTG was one of the best sites to go to back in the day, now CA is nothing but a collection of idiots and people too scared to piss off their friends. Oh my god.

  17. Taylor Scholfield

    I only created an account to respond to this. I have been following the Nostalgia Critic and the channel since around either 2008 or 2009. Regardless, I have been a long-term fan. I will confess I mostly came for Doug. I do watch other content creators, but it has for the most part been the Nostalgia Critic. I want to thank the Nostalgia Critic for all the years of getting me through the week. When I began watching the Nostalgia Critic I was in high school, and every day was suffocating. However, the videos gave me something to look forward to. Even as an adult now, it’s still something I look forward to every week. In addition, being a filmmaker myself I learned so many things from Doug’s videos, and because of him I have become a much more analytical person.
    This is why it pains me to have to end it here. This tiny, petty blog response to a 60 page document of grievances is truly unprofessional. Thank you for all the years I have had at Channel Awesome; I hope that the channel will deal with these matters in a much more sympathetic and professional way. Otherwise, It’s been fun. Good luck.

  18. This is a terrible apology.

    • Probably because it’s not an apology. It’s even *less* of an apology than their “we’re sorry you feel that way” response from before.

  19. Even though I followed the site for years, I rarely ever made any comments on here, I had to sign on for my final time to put in my statement as well.

    This is complete and total bullshit, don’t insult the intelligence of your now-rapidly dwindling audience. Not once in this statement did you even once try to make a reasonable argument. And don’t even get me started on that video of Allison that you posted or the chat log of Lindsay. Yeah, of course they’re gonna say that, they worked for you guys, they weren’t gonna shit-talk you while they were under your employment, they knew they’d be out of a job if they questioned you.

    It’s like you want to drive off the last remaining producers. And I already suspect that this comment section will be either deleted or locked, it’s the kinda pettiness that I’ve come to expect from the higher-ups in the site that I once loved.

    • I was surprised I even could log in, it’s been so long I’ve logged on, thank goodness for auto password fill. I feel so appalled they seem like just wanting to keep fighting with the screenshots and video rather than making amends even if they don’t believe all of it.

  20. Who gives a fuck about any of this? As long as you make videos I want to watch, I’ll watch them. You don’t have to be good people, just entertain me.

    Oooh, you made somebody uncomfortable? Who gives a shit? This site’s for entertainment. I’m not electing a senator here, I want fun videos to watch.

    • There is a slight problem to that: see, since almost all the site talent except for Doug, Brad, Joe, and maybe Sage, NOBODY IS AROUND TO POST VIDEOS ANYMORE. Almost all the producers have gotten so fed up with Mike’s assholery, that none of them post here anymore. And now, through further assholery, Mike is now alienating all the fans as well. Pretty soon, the only videos left will be of Doug and Rob wearing barrels out in the cold, and maybe trying to eat an old shoe they find in a dumpster.

      • May I ask about what talents your talking about? Maybe outside the Spoony (inactive), Lindsey (already independent) and Leon (too professional for side standard). I don’t recall many big names to drop. In most cases people join channel temporary to boost own views, simply didn’t fit or are inactive. Yes, some specific people you may like could drop but I don’t recall many real issues with old guard dropping side, only newcomers. And the thing with newcomers is that they not always wish to stay on the first place or some are assholes themselvs.

        I don’t intend to dig in whole affair, but I don’t see this accusativus particularly grounded.

        • Are you kidding? Angry Joe is gone now, Linkara is gone, literally everyone is gone, except for Brad and Sage, we’ll see how long they’ll stick around.

        • Oh, let’s see:

          Angry Joe.
          Bennett the Sage.
          Todd in the Shadows.
          Nash and the Radio Dead Air crew.
          Chris Stuckman.
          Lovecraft (although, I will admit, he wasn’t that big, but his show was fun to watch for me at least).
          Rap Critic.
          Battle Geek Plus.
          Horror Guru.
          Guru Larry.

          The fact is, the only people actually left on the site are Channel Awesome (Doug, Tamara, Malcolm, and the Comics Crew) and Brad. Everybody else is GONE.

          • It need happen recently as I didn’t know about Linkara, Chris and Sage (even you did mention him as those who stay).

            Angry Joe grow independent. Rest of those names weren’t particularly big on the first place.

            But it is not hard to see why people would see whole thing as hate bandwagon, as most those who left before usually have good reason for that or have own issues. Transfer from random posts on You Tube to full job is not for everyone.

          • I think the only one left besides Doug is Guru Larry. There has been some talk about changing the name of the website to Channel Larry since he’s the last one standing. (And I have to say, Guru Larry has been a real sport about this whole thing – I hope he sticks around to make Mike’s life a living hell).

            I don’t think Channel Awesome is dead; they’ll probably rebrand to make it all about Doug, and they’ll probably demand that Doug, Tamara, and the Comics Crew make more videos. But the site as we used to know it is no more, and it never will be again.

    • Mike Michaud, is that you?

    • That kind of selfish asshole “fuck y’all, I got mine” mentality is the shittiest thing about the world today across all walks of life.

      • Jalen Washington

        I would argue that it’s much worse to say you’re on the side of the victims, but then turn around and say that everything will magically be fixed if they just apologize for what they did.
        I could be wrong, but saying “sorry” don’t change the reality that people were groomed/raped…

    • you’re really okay with supporting someone that’s a bad person….because you find them entertaining ?

  21. Oh good lord this is how you respond? Are you trying to destroy this channel? Because that’s what it’s starting to look like.

  22. RIP Channel Awesome. What little respect I had left for this place is now gone.

  23. You forgot to end every point with a, “So there!” I think that really would have driven it home.

    • No, that would just open him up to the dreaded “I know you are but what am I?” retort.

  24. No wonder the Black Tux just dumped you.

    • Hopefully other sponsors follow suit.

      If the people behind CA refuse to properly address things, and give a real apology then they shouldn’t be getting any support from this point forward.

      Which is sad for me to say because I was actually a fan of Nostalgia Critic, and liked what Doug Walker did.

  25. Wow it looks like you guys went out of your way and dug up all you could to prove there wasn’t any lack of professionalism. Sorry but of the majority of producers leave your site & you dont @ least attempt a regular apology. Convince me that Allison, Lindsay, Marzgirl etc. Are liars all you want but I have to say this will be the final time I ever leave a comment on your site. I didnt even want to return to the site but I was curious if this was the apology we wanted to hear. It’s not. Its WWE-esque PR BS and I’ll have none of it.

    I hated how people have treated the DCEU and CA was crucial in feeding that toxic fandom and knowing that the company is run by scumbags hou all got what you deserved.

    “No one stays good in this world.”
    -Superman to Lois in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

    Farewell, Channel Awesome,

    I’ll try to remember the good times.

    • i also clicked on this link, although haven’t been on this site for quite awhile since watch on YouTube mostly, hoping for a better apology than the earlier one but – nope :'(

    • While this is a serious moment and a sad one for Channel awesome and I fully support the creators decisions and think CA needs to do a better job apologizing.


      Let’s just call a spade a spade here. The DCEU gets treated poorly because… It’s the DCEU.. Channel Awesome was not crucial in feeding that fandom. The movies were.

      • Ok this will be the last time I say anything on this site because I am a fan of the DCEU.

        I never knew there was this big hate for MoS If I wasn’t a CA watcher. If I never watched CA I would never had guessed MoS had this big of negative reputation. If there are people out there that think they’re mostly bad to each their own but the fact is they bring up the DCEU on videos that have NOTHING TO DO with the DCEU.

        The criticism has been harsh so I’m glad my negative feelings aren’t an overreaction. Film is Subjective so if any of the films haven’t worked for you that’s fine. But lines have been crossed. Personal attacks on Snyder have been made. I’ve said my peace.

  26. Another unprofessional fail. So glad I have adblock here. And even more happy you’re loosing more and more sponsorship. And judging from the above, you really know how to dig your own holes. Fuck you. Seriously.

  27. I logged into this miserable site for the first time in years to say this:


    Apologise and move on. Don’t keep making excuses and “well, actually…” bullshit; just say “oops” and get out!

  28. This is gross. I know this is you, Mike, writing this. You are a bad person. Full stop. This is Donald Trump levels of narcissism and layered misogyny. I know Doug doesn’t read this, so why bothering addressing him?

    You should work out a deal with CA and leave it for the best of your “friends” if you really care for them. Burn in hell.

    • Let’s force Trump into everything because we need to compare anything bad to him
      Heck this was an analogy that makes more sense than usual, but oh the deer gods is it forced and degrades your point.

  29. I agree with you guys about that document…it doesnt reflect your current situation but THIS response is soo childish and so embarressing that…guys..wow…you recto actively validate the concerns of the document I thought null and void. I dont know how you did that but you did. I am extremely dissapointed with you all and your actions better context your old produces in favor of them. I watched you since day one but its a shame I made an account to address a level of high school drama gone rampent. I see where you are coming from and understand the fraustations both sides, but this is all so unprofessional.

    • I was happy to see the loss of subscribers were beginning to decrease on YT since the last few days but this…you need to understand you might have made things much worse and I unfortubately wouldnt be surprise to see your subs greatly dying again. Never, ever dismiss complaints like this, we all expect more from you.

      • Im sorry but how DISGUSTING is to quote obscure Allison Pregler when clearly during that time we are unable to tell what is truly said by a producer and what is face value while being at discomfort at the company. THAT, that type of manipulation….im going to unsub…I tried siding with you but your actions, valid or not, are gross.

  30. After all of this, Mike, you need to give the Nostalgia Critic rights back to Doug, because all you’re doing is pouring more salt on the wound. Apologize, and retire. Your service is no longer required.