Pancake Rage – WTFIWWY Live

This week: Bloomingdale’s entire ad department gets fired, putting the “secret” in Secret Service and one man tries to change the past, sans Delorean, plus shotgun…

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  1. Maybe the kid is a necrophiliac with the fridge jerking… either way…..eiieeeeewwwww

  2. I thought about that joke after I left the stream and turned off my computer…

    “Timmy, are you sexually assaulting the fridge again?”

    Or the alternate joke: This kid will grow up to become the character from Frank Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage”.

  3. As a former LARPer myself, I love that the first comment Tara came up with was “A sawn off shotgun at a Civil War Re-enactment? That’s not era appropriate!” (though I believe she’s technically inaccurate there – they certainly had shotguns by then and somebody could easily have determined it would do more damage at close range if you shortened the barrel).

  4. Re the Denny’s pancake rage and Tara’s point about how $4 pancakes for everyone on the table would make the chain go bankrupt, I think there was a time when Red Lobster did run into some financial difficulty when they offered an unlimited snow crab legs promotion.

  5. Miracle has Tara pussy-whipped.

    …I’ll show myself out.

  6. Holy crap! Someone actually submitted the one about the kid in Maryland. I was going to do it too since I live about 30 minutes away from there, but I forgot to.

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I’m surprised that the women wasn’t ginna eat all those pancakes I mean cmon there cheap as hell but if I were gonna go to jail it’d be for IHop pancakes. As for that teenager I hate how he represents us teens in the us but If you were t put a dick in the fridge at least have it be in a jar full of pee like those scientist who keep stuff like feces in a jar to study it or something like that. As for that comment,I believe Ive seen that commenter in channel awesome(in fact I’m pretty sure I have) so if lionheart that commenter sees this can you comment below Plz so i know you exist thanks if you do so).

  8. I never thought I’d get to say this about something again, but IT WASN’T EVEN HIS FRIDGE!

  9. Is it no coincidence that the guy in the Bloomingdale Ad looks suspiciously like Robin Thicke?

  10. GreatestLatinoGüeyEver

    Um… @TaraD, the Bloomingdales ad would have been a lot worse if the people in the ad were douchey frat boys.(I get what you meant but still…)

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