Panda by Desiigner (ft. Kanye West, I guess..) – Rap Critic

Do we need another anthem about a car’s paint job?

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4 Comments on "Panda by Desiigner (ft. Kanye West, I guess..) – Rap Critic"

EA Solinas

The end of this one just reminds me of that part of Tropic Thunder where Ben Stiller is wearing the panda skin.


I don’t have the first idea what Future sounds like, but this song sounds to me like a rip-off of “Dark Horse” and/or “Black Widow.”


I liked this song until I looked up the lyrics and realized that it’s just the same-old-same-old mainstream bru-ha-ha. *sigh* Although, I now understand why this song got popular. The alternate music video in China is kind of interesting though.


I just want to say, I don’t like rap, never have, probably never will. Of course sometimes there are some good songs I can dig, but its just not my thing overall. But I want to say Rap Critic, you are doing a great job. I don’t care about the things you review, but I love your reviews, I look forward to them every time. Keep up the good work.