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This week: why your microwave can’t spy on you, but your condom might, and the etiquette of proper racism …

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  1. The Mysterious M

    I was in the chat this broadcast. The second that lawyer story hit, the chat was nothing but puns. Two of my favorites (that were not mine) were:

    *Liar liar, pants on… oh, never mind. You’re doing it right.

    *Defense Attourney: [About to make his case when he sees the lawyer for the prosecution] The defense rests your honor.

  2. Mmh… What if they put a micro-camera inside the ‘time display’ thing, theoretically ? That part is ”open”, and not inside the shielded ”Box”, right ?
    It’s still dumb, but it might be doable.

  3. “Your microwave can’t spy on you.” That is true, but combine it with a 42″ CRT television, and you can send text messages into the past. Or turn bananas into disgusting green jello.

  4. Are you kidding me? Kellyanne was obviously joking. She’s the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign and this is how you treat her. If she was a Democrat you would recognize she was joking.

    • The problem is, Kellyanne has a pattern that makes it hard for most people to believe she was kidding. Remember, this is the person who coined the phrase “alternative facts” when trying to bullshit Trump out of his lies.

    • The Mysterious M

      Wow…you’re kidding right? Does the “Bowling Green Massacre” mean anything to you? You know? That event Conway used to justify Trump’s Muslim ban? That event that NEVER HAPPENED!?!?

  5. 1) There are smart ovens with microwave function, so you got the part of there couldn’t bee smart microwave wrong.

    2) There is “microwave survey lance systems” they just have nothing in common with a “microwave oven”. But both are shortened to “microwave” in usage. (Probably a DAU mix-up?)

    3) There are experiments with WLAN-Gesture recognition (something with the interaction of wlan signals of multiple stations and the body -> “WiSee”), so accusing routers would make more sense than microwave-ovens.
    PS: If i remember correctly there are also ovens with integrated camera (but no microwave) making seeing food even easier. (Next logical step they will post it to Instagram for you.)
    PPS: Cant find a english uses DAU/dumbest assumable user.
    PPPD/edit: How to type newline here? return, and shiftreturn dosen teem to work.

  6. What kind of cigarettes do you have in US?
    Here they are usually not bigger than a fancy ball-pen, and only posses a single button. (Sometimes even with built-in/non-removable accumulator/battery.)

  7. When Nash said the smart condom stored data in a ring on the condom, all I could think was the ad saying, “If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it (Oh-oh-oh, Oh-oh-oh)”

  8. Oh yeah!
    I’ve been known to yell at the TV with corrections while watching the history channel.

    “Look at the way these native Australians painted these figures. Could that be aliens?”
    “That’s how Aborigines paint you morons!”

  9. One guy ranted at me a long time saying a bunch of anti-british stuff.

    I am Australian.

  10. Aaah, accidentally ‘Logan’ spoilered! 23:00
    Well, girl drives with claws isnt’ that bad: ok nevermind.

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