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The bat-wielding maniac is still on the loose, and it ties together a troubled teen, a corrupt cop, a game-obsessed kid, and a truth that makes this case even more inexplicable. Besides, everyone should just see tweeting birds flying in circles over their heads, that’s what’s supposed to happen in cartoons when you’re hit on the head.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    I think Japanese Batman somehow misses the concept.

    A yen is about a penny. At least, that’s my quick and easy way of figuring it.

    “Carrying a coconut tree around.” African or European?

    • According to the currency converter provided by BING, a yen is worth slightly less than one one-hundredth of a U.S. dollar. So one yen is worth less than a penny. Such a disparity among world currencies partially (with heavy emphasis on the word “partially”) explains why the U.S. cannot discontinue the penny and round up all values to the nearest nickel.

  2. Paranoia Agent really does seem to be so ahead of it time. I’ve started to notice a lot of the themes and ideas brought up in it come up in more recent stuff. Ideas about perception and cognition and the danger of society being swept along by an idea that has no power on it’s own but what we given it is something looked at in Persona 5 and it’s the whole point of the second season of Gatachaman Crowds. If I remember right the next three should be the stand alones my favorite part.

  3. Nice review. This series is one of the more confusing anime out there, but it has it’s strengths in how it uses surrealism and symbolism effectively to put the viewer off balance.

  4. Satoshi Kon was a genius, and we are worse off for his loss.

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