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The series draws to a close as the relationship between Lil Slugger and Maromi is revealed, thanks to living anime dolls, a paper city, and a grown man running around with a sheet tied around his neck like a cape. Of course.

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  1. Black slime covering everything – sounds like something straight out of Ghostbusters. I blame the new movie.

  2. Fantastic review. While I haven’t looked much into it, I hope that’s the actual intended message of the series. It’s a criticism Japan doesn’t get much from its own works and would honestly lead to more varied entertainment if they did.

    I still wonder what horrible person insisted you review Kannazuki, though. And why.

  3. lilith_ascennding

    This was a very well done review! Honestly, I never even thought to look at the show from an angle of Japan’s use of escapism to try and keep itself blameless. I always saw Maromi and Lil’ Slugger as metaphors for anxiety/stress and the wrong ways some people may go about it. You can take the Maromi route and tell yourself nothing is wrong, enveloping yourself in a fantasy world where everything is perfect just how you like it, or you can go about it the Lil’ Slugger way and find someone (or something) to shift the blame onto (i.e. “I wouldn’t be having this problem right now if Person A hadn’t stolen credit for my project!”). Obviously, these are both incorrect paths to take to treat your problems, whether they be personal or affect your society as a whole. While Tokyo Godfathers is my favorite work by Satoshi Kon (and that’s including his mangas, which everyone should read by the way), Paranoia Agent is an insanely close second. It’s a series that left one hell of an impact on me and one that I still will rewatch from time to time. That’s saying something since there’s a dead dog in the show (at the end, I know) and that kind of thing is generally a huge turn off for me. Thanks for taking me back down this crazy path again 😀

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