Passengers – Movie Review w/ Doug Walker – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann and Doug Walker review Passengers.

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  1. Hmm…what could that review be?

  2. Huh… Titanic in space…

  3. So when are we going to see the NC-HP crossover?

    You know what this movie desperately needed? A giant talking tree and a machine-gun toting raccoon.

  4. Crossover (technically Pt 1)? Sweet. ^.^ Yeah, this never appealed to me since it was marketed as a space romance. If it was marketed as an action movie with these actors, I would totally be on board to see it. *sigh*

    • Brad/Cinema Snob has a spoiler review up. And yeah… Ew. As he mentioned (he’s read the original script) it works better as a horror movie rather than a semi-romantic movie.

  5. The trailers looked interesting but I mostly thought it was going to be them separated for a long period then finding out there was another person awake.. I dunno

  6. Here’s another thing that could possibly salvage it:

    If they happened to meet two spiky-hared blonde kids named Knives and Vash.

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