Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 – Shameful Sequels

Paul Blart Mall Cop was a surprise success, and there was no way a sequel could top that, was there? EXACTLY.

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  1. How was the first movie a success? It was terrible…

  2. Glad you’re back to doing shameful sequels.

    This is like a really bad ‘zany’ 80’s or 90’s comedy but almost two decades past the expiration date and lacking any genuine campy-ness. The whole Happy Madison empire is like that.

    For the record, Keven James just isn’t that funny. Any of a dozen chunky “everyman” actors would have been as good or better in King of Queens.

  3. Kevin James is hit or miss for me. The funny thing about this movie is that the first movie didn’t have a real plot until the last half as well. Also, I didn’t know that Damien Darhk was in this movie! That almost makes me want to see it… almost.

  4. “Does anyone have a sword I can borrow?”


    I mean, no, you can’t borrow it… I like you and your videos too much to assist in your seppuku… but I have one 😛

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