Paul Starts a Review Show (Ft The Nostalgia Critic)

After much thought, Paul has come to the conclusion he should start a review show. But will he be brave enough to follow through? Or will cowardice and incompetence get the best of him?

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We are a group of individuals dedicated to all things film. Our goal is to provide cinematic shorts worth watching.


Mondays: "Nerdy Girl News"

Tuesdays: "Another Damn Review Show"

Wednesdays: "Fucked Up Fan Fic"/"The Amazing Spider-Blog"

Thursdays:"Kill Count"/"Films In Five Seconds"

Fridays: Sketches/ Special Videos


"Another Damn Review Show" - Paul sits down and reviews movies, tv, and whatever else he feels like in literally Another Damn Review Show, because fuck you, you'll watch it.

"Nerdy Girl News" - Callie Podias is a nerdy girl, with a dirty mouth, and she's here to talk news with you.

"Fucked Up Fan-Fic" - Join David Strano by the fire as he reads the most competent and titillating of fan-fic in, Fucked Up Fan Fic.

"The Amazing Spider-Blog" - Our friendly neighborhood Spider-man started his very own video blog series.

"Kill Count" - How many kills has your favorite movie character racked up? Find out with Kill Count.

"Films In Five Seconds" - Your favorite films boiled down to their most pure form.

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4 Comments on "Paul Starts a Review Show (Ft The Nostalgia Critic)"


Not sure how I posted twice.


Two minutes in, one thought. Am I watching a video about undiagnosed bi-polar disorder?

Elevated sense of self worth.
Sudden mood swings.
Taking on more than one can reasonably handle.
Starting new projects while leaving old ones unfinished.


I like NC crossovers so here I am. The Stanley Yelnats line made me laugh, too. Plus, I related to this video in an odd way but for me, it’s a novel and not a review show.


Let me know when someone on here finally starts reviewing webcomics and/or vintage internet content.