Peter Pan Live – 25 Days of Sharkmas

25 Days of Sharkmas concludes with one of the most-requested made-for-TV episodes Shark Jumping’s ever gotten. Christopher Walken…what’s wrong with you?

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  1. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Wow, Walken really acts like it’s mathematically impossible for him to give less of a crap in this.

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    To be fair, the Indians in the story aren’t based on real Indians, they’re based on an Edwardian British guy’s idea of them.

  3. Christopher Walken’s performance as Captain Hook made this production seem like an SNL parody that went on for too long.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Really enjoyed the videos i watched of 25 days of sharkmas and man this one was a real dud. At least it won’t be as bad as having annoying family members come over for dinner.

    As for the musical besides Christopher Walken completely phoning it in, I think he might have confused for hook being the bad guy and think he was supposed to be a douche(you can tell when Walken is having fun and man this one wasn’t really he was just really being a slog).

    Also tiger lily really gets nothing to do in these Peter Pan stories but at least she was somewhat of a badass in Pan(given the times she wasn’t trying to get captured).

  5. You seem to be of the impression that Walken did a terrible performance on purpose, but have you ever considered the fact that he’s A) Old, B) Been out of practice for years (because of A), and C) He may have gotten sick right before filming? Seriously, he doesn’t simply look uninterested and uncaring, he actually looks tired and physically ill. Like the cast and crew had a pre-celebration party the night before and he never got fully sober or caught a cold or something. He barely looks awake whenever he’s onscreen…stage…whatever. He’s not being a careless jerk, he was just a poor casting choice for the role and whatever enthusiasm he was bringing to the production in the weeks prior to the live performance (he was giving a much better energy in the rehearsal stuff than he did here) just went away for some reason due to some kind of outside influence. It was just really bizarre and really disappointing, especially since I felt like the prospect of a Christopher Walken-performed Captain Hook would have been an interesting idea.

    • In interviews, he said that he was nervous because he never did anything that is actually live. SNL is mostly filmed in front of an audience I believe but tapped like it is live.

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