Phantom Analysis From the Heart: Ep 6 – Final Thoughts & The Future

Shaun and Zenith bring this mini-series to a close with some hopefully humorous nits and picks regarding Persona 5 and what they hope to see from an eventual Persona 6.

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  1. Yeah the thing about Persona is it’s always been set in School + Modern world, or at least since it became more popular since P3 they attribute that formula to it’s success so a very large portion of the fanbase kind of expects those aspects to always be present. Honestly i believe there are still many good stories to be told in that realm, you could go with a military academy setting, a more sports focused story where instead of there being only one character that has a sporty trait it could be something shared by all. Of course if you are looking for something different in the themes it becomes a bit harder to innovate, although there’s always an aspect of self-discovery in every rpg as well as friendship and the concepts of freedom and justice.
    That said i really like some of your ideas, an older cast and a more mature perspective on society and relationships would be very much welcome.

    On the topic of silly crossovers give me Persona meets steambot chronicles, or hell just give me more Steambot Chronicles Atlus!

  2. For a time, I had assumed Persona 2: Eternal Punishment would be about a reporter, Maya, who investigates the identity and escapades of a serial killer called the Joker. Perhaps Persona 6 can be like that, a real noir-type story. Maybe Maya herself can actually be featured XD. As a reporter, your main protagonist can pursue social links for stories, as well as recruit an assortment of team members such as a cop, a P.I., a punk-rock enthusiast, a cat burglar, etc. It could be a bit of a rehash of Persona 2, but with the formula of Persona 3-5, it would be fresh enough for ravenous Persona fans.

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