Phantom of the Opera – Making of Nostalgia Critic

See what went into making the Nostalgia Critic Phantom of the Opera review.

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  1. doug can you make a nostalgia critic commentary with jim

  2. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched one of these! Obviously, you guys worked really hard on this. I was surprised at how much music there was. Personally, I didn’t think this review was that great. It’s always nice when you work hard on something. Yeah, I like these mother and father characters too.

  3. I’m going to sound like a lady douche for saying this but I had more fun watching this than the actual video.

  4. You have too much fun guys.

  5. Meaning your careers, oh what fun can make anyone whose unemployed insanely jealous or envious if anyone from my stupd-ass college knew or cared about you, stupid talentless, knowledgeless, no charismatic Kingsborough students, I really think that cause I attend there still, don’t get me wrong I’d love to be proven wrong.

  6. By the way this is like the nicest of singing the word shit.

  7. It’s like an angelic Russian girls with lilies choir singing the word “shit” in the most nicest way possible, wow just wow I or anyone else would never think of uttering several swears in the most polite kind way bravo.

  8. It’s really impressive how much effort you guys put into these shows.

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