Philips CD-I Review w/The Nostalgia Critic & Magnetrex – Awesome Video Game Memories

The Nostalgia Critic forces Ryan and special guest Magnetrex to review one of the most infamous consoles of all time: The Philips CD-I. Was this system only known for it’s terrible Zelda and Mario Nintendo licensed games, or were there actual unique gems for the console? Find out here!

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  1. It’s a real honor to be a part of this you guys

  2. I’m always up for a Nostalgia Critic cross-over. I was going to say that I’ve never heard of the CD-I until you showed the footage from the infamous Zelda game. Also, #thenostalgiacriticshouldreviewmorevideogames

  3. Jeez. No wonder Muricans are so hardcore about the Xbox. All past American-made video game consoles were utter trite.

    • Oh, no.. another hipster idiot on internet 0_0!

      First of all Philips isn’t American company and Sony also co-produced CD-i.

      Secondary: First two generations doesn’t really count as many manufacturers simply didn’t know and couldn’t know what they doing as gaming was new thing. Furthermore Japanese also have own shear of shitty consoles: Casio PV-1000 and Loopy, Nichibutsu My Vision, Epoch SCV, Pioneer LaserActive, Fujitsu FM Towns Marty, Capcom CPS Changer, NEC PC-FX, Bandai Pippin/Playdia/WonderSwan and lest not forget about Nintendo Virtual-Boy. Most of that made until release of X-box what six generation when they should know how to make consoles (not that Americans didn’t also do that, but Japanese weren’t diferent).

      And finally a good American consoles pre-X-box: definitely Atari 2600 and also according to experts Atari 7800 was good hardware, just company went bankrupt before it was fully released. Also not mentioning fact that SEGA start as american company, just wen’t international in order to avoid video game crash on US market. Anyway Americans were equal competition for the most time, when for example almost all Chinese and Korean consoles are a shit.

    • Well.. what ever. I’m in the zone now. There is clear patter here:

      Before the 80’s video game crash in America, Atari who originated as arcade developer sell over 30 mln. Atari 2600 when competition including Nintendo Color TV-Game couldn’t go beyond 3 mln. Fact that Atari itself couldn’t sell Atari 5200 show well how important games and trust were basically from the beginning of the industry. There were many reasons for 80’s video game crash, mostly regard fact that no one really know what they doing, but Atari fall specifically because people from Gaming industry like Nolan Bushnell (who predict event) were pushed out by greedy business what make everything to destroy company reputation in time when bubble was ready to burst.

      After American marked was literally nuked it opened door for other Arcade companies like Japanese Nintendo and International SEGA who similarly like original creators of Atari know how this tricky business work. Anyway because Japanese companies (and SEGA what was considered as Japanese by people) were prominent Arcade distributors and avoid all mines what lead to crisis, they were capable to gain trust of people who were still interested in gaming, just not stupid to buy game-less hardware.

      From third generation up, domination of Japanese companies started, and because West generally avoid shitty imports form Japan (what in fact has simpler issues to USA on own market). That stay basically until today. But there was also another crisis, with introduction of CD in forth generation (though it wasn’t only about that) logic of making games changed. Basically a Arcade gaming ended and modern gaming begin. Old gaming superpowers have problems with adopting new technology and both Nintendo and SEGA suffered badly (even companies like NEC and SNK who also have good hardware couldn’t go over that).

      Two companies who could adopted needed technology and have new understanding of the industry (from that point it was old enough to have studies): Sony and Microsoft become new gaming superpowers from fifth generation up (and at that point no one remember about crash decade ago) and Nintendo who despite flops still have dedicated fandom barely survived, especially because of they handheld branch and few innovations. Ironically we still see some some random companies what introduce own hardware, clearly not understanding how this business work.. that part didn’t changed at any point of time, though current generation has chance for that for first time in history.

  4. So when is Mr. Lovecraft going to get his obligatory Nostalgia Critic cameo?

  5. Acetylsalicilique

    Can someone please teach these guys to emote ?

  6. to be honest this felt more like NC presents, were we see the NC do the intro and then showed up at the end and to be honest I like it, I would have never watch battlegeek plus and now I’m off with case of Dr. Pepper and I’m going watch everything battlegeek plus.

    Please do more NC presents pretty please with sugar on top.

  7. Eugene Levy: The top star of American Pie who is actually Canadian.

  8. Ok, I’m sorry about that, the video is most certainly interesting, but I can’t watch more than five minutes of it. Magnetrex, should really learn how to act before doing crossovers.

    And Ryan, could you stop sleeping while talking ?

    Again, the video seem interesting, but I can’t bear to watch more of it even though I’d like to

  9. the Hotel Mario and Legend of Zelda CD-i cutscened have been used for YouTube Poops

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