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Don’t listen to a screen when it starts talking to you! …wait…

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  1. Yay! I’m first again! and I’m glad you brought up the story line for your series again. I wonder where’s Vice gonan strike next and Who is his next Target.

  2. 1:23- Speaking of which, there should be a comic based on the whacky adventures of Weird Al. …What? He had his own TV show at one time.

    Great new intro. BTW, you really should get into reviewing that Twilight comic.

    6:38- Rogue from X-Men? What are you doing here?

    7:26- HEY!

    Emily is so pretentious, I’m still waiting for the part where she opens her shirt and rubs mayonnaise on her nipple while enjoying it.

    The static silhouette Michael Jackson looks like regular Michael Jackson if he were made of his glove rhinestones.

    For some reason, Indie Dave looks like Gollum if he were taking more care of himself.

    24:48- You’re ovaries are powerful enough to destroy entire planets?

    With Claire wearing the black outfits, I’m thinking she’s possessed by the Venom symbiote, and any minute now, she would break into a dance number.

    At least this comic didn’t make you scream in terror like that Lady Gaga comic did.

    Have fun with the first TMNT comic next week. =D

  3. I really like Emily’s “makeover” after she made the initial deal. I love that initial dress too. Lastly, yeah, I totally agree with her for the most part about music videos. In fact, I generally don’t like music videos because I always have this fantastic idea and story in my head when I listen to the songs and then I’m almost always disappointed when I see the music videos.

    • The Real Silverstar

      “I generally don’t like music videos because I always have this fantastic idea and story in my head when I listen to the songs and then I’m almost always disappointed when I see the music videos.”

      Yeah, me too. The visuals that I imagine for songs and the actual music videos rarely sync up.

  4. Huh. So this is what a comic book version of Pitchfork looks like. Definitely as terrible as I would expect.

  5. So it’s Vyce returning, rather then the Entity. Interesting.

  6. Is it just me or does the Myth look kinda like Jontron?

  7. 1:25 – So basically, this is an episode that really needed a Todd In The Shadows cameo/crossover.

    EDIT: I spoke too soon.

    DeGrasse – isn’t he that science guy who took over for Carl Sagan?

    • Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian soap opera for teenagers concerning the students of Degrassi High School, which is a fictional school in Toronto. The teachers occasionally play a role but they’re not nearly as prominent as you’d imagine. They’re practically cameos.

    • TOLKEEYEN? WHAT THE HECK IS A TOLKEEYEN? Because when you pronounce it TOLKEEN (like you should), it’s the LOTR guy.

  8. Whoa when did Indie Dave turn into Gollum also dose anyone else think Cole looks like Christopher Eccleston.

    So do the Halloween parts not have any effect on the storyline whats going on with them.

  9. Love that the story line picked up again. And nice to see Erin and Cirrus(sp?) back again. They deserve their own series filled with spaceships and wacky hijinks.

  10. This has that Indie Personal Project stink all over it. It’s not about the characters or the plot. It’s about the author and how “amazing” a person and writer they are.

  11. So… I should pass on this comic? Shame, the idea of music and magic really appeals to me. That and I like the idea of traveling through music videos… preferably being able to travel through them of my own power.

    Also… yikes. You just can’t get rid of Vyce can you Linkara?

  12. Something to bear in mind with P!nk’s “So what” is that she wrote it when she was separated from her husband, but the music video didn’t come out until she got back together with him, so it could be argued the music video intentionally changed the meaning of the song.

  13. What the hell is up with the shape of Clair’s face? It’s like Cruella de Ville had a baby with Count Chocula.

  14. You COULD make the option to have people suggest you read something and you just say “Yep, it was good” and that be the end of it… but I like to see you as far more professional than that.

    • Way back when (before the Patreon requests), Linkara said this was the main reason he didn’t typically review comics he thought were good. He felt that when something is good it’s harder to find stuff that makes for good comedy. Which is kind of true since reviews like this one aren’t usually as funny, but I tend to think a little variety in any series is alright.

  15. all this talk of music videos, and none featuring Ronnie James Dio.

  16. 22:34 Oh great, those two people from “The Room” have now shown up, and are going to have sex on Johnny’s couch. Where’s Lisa and her mom when you need them??

  17. As someone growing up in the 80s and not having cable and MTV, I knew Take on Me long before I saw the Music Video, still like the music, and find the video oddly unrelated to the music, and while memorable and original, not particularly good.

  18. I was considering mentioning this before you asked for a scientific study, but:
    I first heard the song Take On Me, and loved it, probably when it was first released. I didn’t even see the clip until they did a take of it on Family Guy (and even then it took me a while to go look it up on YouTube). There’s, like, 20 years there. (I don’t know the numbers, I haven’t looked these things up.)

    When I listen to the song, I’m not seeing the clip in my head most of the time. (Which is a little weird for a comics reader, I admit.)

    These days I’m more likely to think about Chuck than the clip.

  19. “Try to think of Brian May’s Starfleet video.”

    What the Phantom Menace?
    Wow, oh wow! Linkara, you just made my day!!!

    You keep saying you know nothing about music, but not only have you just referenced my favourite member of my favourite band, you went really, really obscure to do it. That’s so amazing!

    I didn’t even know there was a video! (Not a big music video watcher here.)

  20. Wow, what a long review. You really did have some great analysis here. This does seem like an interesting story. I knew you wouldn’t say it sucked. I liked how you pointed out the difference between cutting and suicidal thoughts. The scene at the end was great.

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