Pikachu, I Arrest You! – WTFIWWY Live

This week: Trick or treat or public backlash! Plus, taking “What Not to Wear” hardcore, and why the list of home safe insecticides doesn’t include “fire” …

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  1. Trump signs on the lawn, safer than Clinton/Weiner signs.

  2. @9:59 I can’t even English right now

  3. @20:45 That crunching popping scratching sound is my brain breaking for the second time in as many days thankfully this is less severe

  4. 0) “Sexy predator”: Sounds like a base to do a mashup costume “Sexual Predator”
    1) I heard the “Anne Frank costume” differently fro another source in so far that the company (not the webpage) also makes costumes for school projects & plays and most likely sells it all year. (Might be another incident with the same costume on another webpage, or the catalog of costumes was just copy&paste to this webpage.)
    2a) There is also a Pokemon that abducts children, and one that steals your sole if you touch its “tail”.
    2b) Thrump/Pockemon: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:735Gumshoos.png (But the pokedex picture has more similarity’s if you get the right one…)
    3a) How big was the spider to have to burn the web? (Shelob/Lord of the rings?)
    3b) “His job as a man”??? If it is wrong to refer to something as a women’s job so is this.

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