Pokemon Go – Cheap Damage

The latest crazy from Pokemon that spawned a hundred ‘Tips n’ Trick’ videos.

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  1. ( 20:37 ) One trick I heard is that there’s apparently ‘1 name(per evolution)’ you can give your eevee, to make him evolve into one of the 3 (currently) possible evolution.

  2. I’m enjoying it. My gf has 90 something in her pokedex. I haven’t played it as much so I have 70’s.

    With the update, it gave different pokemon a chance to be top pokemon at gyms.

    Most gyms I have taken over was 3 at one time. I recommend working with friends to take down and maintain a gym.

  3. The side button idea for the Dodge, Attack, and Special Attack sound like good ideas. I really hope they implement something like that or something similar to that in later updates.

  4. They didn’t put gyms/stops anywhere. They just ported it all over from Ingress. What types of pokemon spawn is semi-random as well, with only a vague correlation of water types to areas with lots of water and rock types trending towards mountainous regions.

    They removed the footprint system because half the players would see everything as 3 footprints at all times and the third party tracking stuff related to it was putting an additional huge strain on their already overtaxed severs.

    I really don’t mind the lack of pokemon centers in the sense that I have more revives and potions than I know what to do with since I have no gyms near me and the ones I do come across on trips are already either fully stocked or controlled by rival teams I can’t touch so I end up just throwing them away to stop myself from being item capped.

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