Pokémon Go Directly to Jail – WTFIWWY Live

This week: a brand new round of “poop in not a plan,” a lesson in what is and is not flammable, and exciting money making opportunities in abject stupidity …

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  1. I play safe and walk around my house: front yard and back yard playing Pokemon Go sicne my WiFi is limited outside. I caught 16 pokemon so far. Its fun! But I do check the streets incase I do go outside. Pitiful how others play and get caught by cops, get shot in restricted areas or walk to their deaths.

  2. I’m disappointed that,durring the segment about the bear getting into the car, no one made the joke, “Who is driving? Bear is driving! HOW CAN THAT BE?!?”

  3. ( 2:30 ) I swear… I would really like throw her a ”boot to the head”. More so, when she goes on a stupid semi-rant like that… about the ”ethics of pokemon”. -_-

    • God forbid someone expresses their opinion of something, even something that’s inconsequential and really has no bearing on the world. Next time someone says something that makes you want to strike them, ask yourself if maybe your reaction is overblown or an appropriate reaction.

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