Pokemon Go-Expansion Pack – Cheap Damage

With so many changes…I decided to take a second look at Pokemon Go.

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  1. Crossover Princess

    I’m disabled and a huge Pokemon fan, due to this I was unsure if I should get into Pokemon Go… then I did research on my neighborhood, turns out I live in an area with a ton of Pokestops, seriously one Pokestop is on the same block as my apartment, with another right across the street, also my apartment a block away from two different gyms (with a few more pretty close by) but I’m a bit uncomfortable going to one because it’s a preschool…

    To be honest due to the fact I really haven’t had problem with tracking (due to the fact it uses Pokestops as respawn locations) and I only had to buy coins once… and that was only because I ran out of bag space with no way to get rid of the stuff with out throwing it away…

    But I understand how most people aren’t as a lucky as me… and I could see if you liv3e in an area with not that many Pokestops could be a pain…

  2. Out here, the commons are Weedles with some Caterpies (its like Pokemon Red levels) pidgeys and rattatas (of course) some eevees (naturally) zubats and spearows and most else being in rough order of how common, venonats, drowzees, bellsprouts, oddish, the occasional horsea, shelder, nidoran, ghastly and rarely and only in specific spots, eggsecute, tauros, squirtle and bulbasaur. It’s just as well that there aren’t really any fire types anywhere since the gyms are awash with water types. Every single one has a vaporeon.

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