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Suede begins an epic reviewing project! 52 episodes in one year, can he do it without mentioning Ash’s age once?

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  1. Happy Birthday Suede.

  2. Zander Von Solidarc

    Really enjoying this segment so far, Suede. I too grew up with Pokemon being my prime introduction to anime, but I’ve recently fallen into the highly underpopulated fan camp that thinks the first season is just “okay” rather than “the very best that no one ever was”. I’m looking forward to reviewing the series with your more professional yet comedic commentary. Happy Birthday.

  3. It’s a pretty good thing Ash in an idiot in the first few episodes. He asks the questions about the world WE ask, like how Pokeballs work, or how the type system works, The only problems I have with him come MUCH, MUCH later, and are a natural issue with a show keeping the same main character for almost 20 years (although XY is really good).

  4. WOOT! This is gonna be fun! ^^

  5. This is such a nostalgia trip, seeing this show from the very beginning.

  6. Looking forward to see the rest of these, I love your details, humor, and analyalsis of Pokemon and enjoying watching this. Happy Birthday to you Suede. 😀

  7. Great first episode, looking forward to more!

    You make a great point about Ash being an everyman protagonist. That really is refreshing. And while it’s true that later seasons would up his quotient of specialness, It can be argued that he actually earned those special attributes. It’s not apparent in the Kanto season, but over time Ash really does grow and excel to a greater level than he previously was at. And as he hits his stride as a truly great trainer, he saves god’s life (In the distant past) which has GOT to be good for your Karma

    And also, Happy birthday!

  8. It’s a good time to be nerdy. ^.^ I am excited for this series of yours. Happy days! <3 Oh, and that Nostalgia Critic clip made me so happy.

  9. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    My only gripe is that it’s not the entire Indigo League. But otherwise I’m excited! Happy birthday!

  10. Well, time for some random pokemon rambling 😀

    Begin with “not discuses” aspects of Pokemon:
    1) Pokemon aren’t animals. That wasn’t never clearly explained but it is quite possible that Pokemon’s are sentient and like to fight and in fact quite potbelly dislike being wild. Though there are some large difference here between different incarnations of franchise..
    2) Yup. They could make series more like a saga but at one point they decide that Ash is perfect lead so it stay that way. Anime-logic.
    3) It is officially confirmed that Anima and Games are the separated universes with different rules. So that isn’t just ludo.. something. It is simply like Batman cartoon and comic.

    And now other random stuff:
    1) When I replaying Pokemon Red I was totally shocked that they did explained in it how everything there work.. something about what people debate from some time for some reason? Anyway.. teleportation! It is broadly used there explaining stuff like lack of real roads and cars as people most likely teleport everything from town to town. Even stuff like escape rope item or emergency evacuation (trainer teleportation is most likely limited for fair play reason). That in fact explain much even if it wasn’t never addressed directly (except one early episode though they didn’t explain clearly why Ash redundant Pokeball disappear) to make everything spear more less rigged (because lore-wise it was). In fact it is quite possible that Pokemon’s aren’t really in Pokebals, though they could be there in digital form (newer clearly addressed). But we at least know that in PC/Oak Laboratory most unused pokemon in fact run freely what was dressed in the anime.
    2) I need say that but.. Pokemon and Mother share universe! Did anyone heard that theory? So much stuff fit here.. from fact that both teams work door to door (Ape also make few minor Pokemon games). On similarity between some Pokemon’s and Mother monsters and overall theme. Some people did notice already that Mew and Mewtwo look like two forms of Giygas. That would explain strange form of Mewtwo after they cloned Mew.. as that was Gyigas real form before he devolved in that other form after mental break in first Moter game. Uniqueness of Mew was always mayor point of his design (in game he never officially appear and Anime have here some weird references.. like that Gyigas mothership resemble a tree). Fun fact is that in Mother 3 we have motive with Dark Dragon who recreated world.. from context we can suspect that it was Giygas final form and if it do resemble Arceus it do for a reason. It is worth to point out that Arceus, Mew, Mewtwo and Gyigas are gander-less though are refereed as a males. By the way famous Kento War theory could in fact referee to alien invasion in the Mother. And one more thing.. Clefairy ordinal design resemble Mother mascot Mr.Saturn. Clefairy was originally meant to be franchise mascot and is Ash partner in some early manga (it also talk and is quite rude like Mr. Saturns). But final prove.. do someone recall that Clefairy was supposed to be alien? If I recall in one of early Anime episode one of them try even build space ship.. anther typical Mr. Saturn behavior.. coincidence? This theory also do explain why both Pokemon and Mother franchises feel separated from Nintendo universe (outside Smash).

  11. My only major gripe about english dubbed season 1 is that they change things like dialog and names of food items. Then again what japanese show that 4kids had got they hands on had not been bastardized.

  12. Yay! Suede returns to pokemon! I love the pokemon videos you do; they’re just filled with such wonder that the shows had.

  13. Happy birthday Suede I hope it’s a good one. I look forward to your Pokemon videos in the future.

  14. Michael Blaylock

    Liking this already, would you consider a Yu-Gi-Oh! one afterwards?

  15. I can’t wait to see the rest of this series. Ash really is the ultimate underdogs for kids isn’t he?

  16. That was a pretty brilliant review. Can’t wait for the next one.

  17. I think Ash is a pretty standard type of hero, determined to succeed to the point of fool hardiness, fired up with ideals and dreams and sure of his ability to achieve them to the point of arrogance, passionate but a bit dense. These are really common traits for heroes in and out of anime, to me Ash resembles any number of heroes like Naruto or some of the kids from various incarnations of Digimon in personality and often characters in an action movie. While other heroes may be more special in their way they still often have ambitions that outstrip their apparent gifts and run into obstacles (which they then proceed to relentlessly throw themselves against).

    As David315842 pointed out on Youtube slapping is something real people do as opposed to Pikachu’s electric attack which is pure fantasy. In other words slapping someone is more often recognized as a risk to cause imitative behaviour and therefore more subject to being cut from children’s programming etc.

  18. Awsamazingthegreat

    Happy Belated Birthday Suede!

  19. I forgot how much trolling there was in the first episode . Oak was kind of a jerk for messing with him like that.

  20. Mmh. Sigh… I remember the feelings I felt watching the first season, a long time ago. More than 15 years, now.

    And also, the great bitterness from the last episode of the first season… what most probably prevented me from becoming an hardcore fan, and eventually led me to become mostly disinterested in the ‘series’ (though I still watch, here and there, some newer episodes), around mid-Season 2.
    But, details are for in 51 days now. 51 days, until the accursed time.

  21. From the episodes I have seen, I had liked the first one the most. I had never seen a show be so harsh to their protagonist before, it was really refreshing.

  22. For a long time I misheard “You’re my best friend” as ‘Your mothers friend.” making really confused.

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