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Sage is back, and with an episode that has been years coming down the line.

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  1. Devil's Advocate

    I don’t watch Pokemon but again from what I understand, it’s that fighting to the death is the problem. wile the normal fighting is not harmful and the Pokemon are sapient and consent to the fighting.

    • Like the difference between BDSM and Fifty Shades of Grey.

    • The Real Silverstar

      “I don’t watch Pokemon…”

      Yet you feel compelled to put your 2 cents in about it anytime someone on this site reviews the franchise or even casually mentions it. You’re more full of it than a colostomy bag.

      • Devil's Advocate

        what I say is partially based on what Linkara says. and he did go into detail about all this when he reviewed that comic for Pokemon’s anniversary.

        • You know, you seem to watch a lot of Pokemon related stuff for someone who claims to not be a fan of the franchise.

          It’s not necessary to tell us what Linkara says. We can always watch one of Lewis’ videos if we want to hear what he thinks. Not that Lewis’ opinions aren’t valid, but they’re strictly his own. Lewis doesn’t speak for all Pokemon fans, only for himself. Lewis isn’t an authority on Pokemon; he’s just a fan, therefore, his opinion is no more or less valid than that of any other fan. Telling us what Linkara said in no way validates anything that you’ve said so far, especially since you haven’t given us a single original thought as of yet.

          All you seem to do is parrot what you hear from reviewers and comments on other web sites. How about you stop quoting others for a change and tell us YOU think?

          Nobody’s going to judge you if you’re a Pokemon fan, and if you aren’t, then there’s no need for you to interject yourself in conversations about it. I believe that was the point that Silverstar was trying to make.

          • Are Goldstar and Silverstar the same creepy asshole? Because it’s hard to imagine two fanboys overreacting this similarly to one factoid.

            I’m pretty sure DA isn’t a secret, defensive Pokemon fan for watching TWO REVIEWS, but you sure have demonstrated plenty to be ashamed of. A lot of atheists have watched numerous Christian movie reviews. And none of us, or even most Christians for that matter, fanatically worship and defend that religion like you do Sage. You godawful embarrassment to everything.

            Bennet is also “just a fan.” You don’t get to complain about “original thoughts” when the only thing in your hollow skull is his cock. I’ve seen the scene in its original language, and while nobody says “Not like this,” the characters ARE aghast at watching a fight where nobody backs down. Along with you being a butthurt fuckwit, this is less of an opinion and more of a proven fact. You twinkling double-asshole.

          • Devil's Advocate

            to add to what canedfury said, I may not watch the show but I do know most Pokemon trainers care about their Pokemon and wouldn’t put them in fights with the risk of real harm, so it IS different from what MewTwo was doing.

  2. I got the feeling you were being very tongue-in-cheek with this review. Most of your gripes could be answered; probably because I’ve played every generation Pokemon game, plus some on the consoles. I just felt you were unnecessarily harsh with this review.

  3. I liked Ash … :'(

  4. Come on Sage I expected better of you when it came to understanding what was going on in the movie.

    -Mewtwo sought out worthy trainers through a double filter of their power and determination with battles and storm.
    -The storm would enable only the most powerful trainers through so he would capture the best pokemon in the world, serving the dual purpose of them not being able to fight against him later on, and creating enhanced clones of them giving him only the strongest pokemon in the world.
    -He created the clones because he decided that his ultimate purpose was a form of post-humanism where clones superceded all forms of life, making him less alone and creating his own world anew rid of corruption.
    -The storm, while he captured, cloned, and killed the strongest, would spread and destroy human infrastructure and weaken the pokemon on the mainland further, making them unable to fight when the clone army arrived.

    Finally, the thing which irritates me the most with people reviewing the movie which they constantly misunderstand…

    -The moral. The moral is not that fighting in itself is wrong, the key phrase is “not life this”. Pokemon battling is better understood as a sport, perhaps like a martiqal arts tournament. The combat is controlled and safe and only goes to the point of the pokemon being too weak to fight or unconscious.

    The “not like this” is refering to the fact that the pokemon are literally fighting to the brink of death. They are all increasinly exhausted to the point of collapse and then some. The uncontrolled and desperate nature of it is the problem, not the fighting itself.

    Sure, the dub does not express this too well, but even as a kid all this made sense, and I would say it still makes sense now.

  5. The Japanese version is infinitely better. They completely changed Mewtwo’s character from a confused and morally ambiguous antagonist searching for his purpose to “I WANT TO DESTROY EVERYTHING BECAUSE I’M EVIL AND STUFF” because apparently kids can’t handle emotionally complex stories. Oh, and the whole “fighting is bad” moral was invented by the dubbers.

  6. I’m also 27 and had a very similar experience. Followed the fandom up until gold, replayed when fire red and leaf green were introduced but then I pretty much dropped out again.
    Idid not think to get a copy of Gold/Silver early, My brothers and I were however allowed to buy a deck of the new generation pokemon cards before they were introduced to the US. We could only guess at the names and effects described on the cards, but still, we were the envy of the school.

  7. Now that’s how you dissuade annoying comments on videos! Thank you for not continuing the shitty shitty butthurt trend of hating the term “Actually”. … Also the fact Ash never gets within more than the top 4 in any tournament but ANY OTHER PLOT RELEVANT THING HE SUCCEEDS AT FOREVER is really stupid and inconsistent to the message.

  8. Yeah, a negative review from a Pokemon fan! Oh, and it’s actually ground pokemon that are immune against electricity. Most rock pokemon are also ground pokemon. Oh, that’s a “Wait, actually” moment. I was wise in watching nearly all of this yesterday. I watched “Beauty And The Beast” with my folks tonight.

  9. To this day I still don’t know the difference between Pokemon The First Movie and MewTwo Strikes back…..or is it Mewtwo Returns?
    The first few Pokemon movies were a blur.

  10. For anyone disappointed with the Pokemon series, I recommend that you read the manga Pokemon Adventures. Red is a badass and would kick Ash’s ass any day of the week. He actually grows and learns from his experience and is everything we wanted out of the show. If you want to check it out it’s localized and there’s scanlations too, although you have to put up with Gary’s counterpart being called Blue which it’s Green in Japan and the female is called Green in English when she’s supposed to be referred to as Blue. The localization contradicts their theme by doing so.

    Mew makes an appearance the first chapter. You get a final match in the Pokemon League between rivals that’s one of the best in shonen. Mewtwo is a total badass and fights Deoxys with a giant spoon (FRLG arc). Giovonni dominates over Kanto and commands over half of the gym leaders who are Rocket Executives. After everything is said and done, Red disappears and they have to face off against the Elite Four with him missing while Kanto faces an even greater disaster.

    The battles are kind of one off, if even one faints it’s considered a loss. It’s to match the pacing that manga has, and honestly I never had a problem with it.

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