Pokemonth: Destiny Deoxys – Il Neige

An adventure that’s truly out of this world. Just kidding. It’s another friggin’ Pokemon movie, Destiny Deoxys.

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  1. It is definitely better movie then previous one but shame that I simply dislike whole generation what was full of crap what try to be so epic.. that I didn’t care bout it more because of its nonsensical nature.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Funny that this movie had a power outage cause I just had one(but I still have Internet but the tv and my fan are down so I guess it counts). Still pretty impressive and love the mlp joke(the real one this time) and ash should definitely force him to watch more of that show it gets way good your right about that one!!!

  3. Crossover Princess

    For me I always thought it was a Meh movie but I do respect what it was trying to do, an attempt at a sci-fi movie. Seriously, there’s future tech, aliens, alien abductions and also robots running amuck… They wanted to try something different and I kind of respect that… But the actual film is like I said Meh…

    Also I laugh at the brony bit… it helps that while I’m a brony I’m not that type of brony…

  4. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    Youknow there have been many more movies since the Luvario one. I would love to see you revisit this concept with the newer films.

    • I feel like a lot of the movies after Lucario are just sort-of less well known and generally forgettable. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some good ones and some bad ones, but most of them just sort-of blur together to me and not much really stands out outside of the one where the roman guys try to crucify- I mean, KILL WITH MERCURY Jesus- I mean, ARCEUS and the one I just randomly stumbled across where Mega Mewtwo throws a freaking Genosect into orbit.

      Oh, and the Origin movie was awesome but I wouldn’t exactly count it….

  5. Hey! TJOmega had a comment in there! 😀

  6. Usually not a fan of the whole “follow the cute ones!” thing they do in their movies, but something about Plusle and Minun in this movie made me actually like them…maybe it was the butt thing, no one can hate a butt thing

  7. Was I the only one who liked this movie? Destiny Deoxys is my favorite movie of all time because I has a special place in my heart for introducing me to my favorite legendary of all time Deoxys and it’s quite an enjoyable movie.

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