Pokemonth: Genesect and the Legend Awakened – Il Neige

Pokemonth comes full circle with Genesect and the Legend Awakened, otherwise known as “Mewtwo Strikes Back if it sucked.”

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  1. Crossover Princess

    I was in Japan when this one was in theaters. I could have seen on my rest day (a day where I take it relativity easy so I don’t exhust myself too much on the trip) even though I don’t know Japanese but, instead I worked on a video (this was during my reviewer days), went to McDonalds for a shrimp sandwich and melon McFloat (in Japan they have these really good sandwiches where they have a patty of shrimp and deep fry, also at the same time they were selling ice cream sodas and one of the flavors was melon) and go to the Disney store and Tower Records (they still exist in Japan). On the last full day one of the things I did was go the Pokemon Center to buy Pokemon swag, so you can say I’m not a big fan…

    So yeah… could have gone seen in theaters but choose not to. Glad I did because when I saw it dubbed, it was “Meh” as best for me…

  2. Well your I guess Poke-Quest is over.

  3. Now that your Pokemonth critical reviewing saga is complete, what are you going to do next Il Neige.

  4. Couldn’t agree more, a treasure for the young and old. PLUS, the fight between Bangana and Chopstickle tugged at your heartstrings. Also, after this many movies, I think John really grew on me as a character especially by his romance with his same gender pockemon. It was a clever commentary on tearing down walls, you know? So relevant in today’s political climate.

  5. So the Mewtwo in this movie is basically some fan character from the depths of Deviantart…it’s a female version of the most popular monster that is supposed to be one of a kind and has nifty new main character powers…though it does explain why Mega Mewtwo Y version looks like it has boobs…does that mean the Mewtwo X version which looks much more masculine is actually the one from the first movie?

  6. I just saw this movie and I completely agree with you. It’s the worst Pokemon movie ever made. I think it’s probably the worst thing that ever had the Pokemon name on it. None of the other movies got the pokemon mythology wrong. This really was offensive to us fans. I think even the people who worked on it admitted this was a gamble.

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