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The latest of my random essay-type vids, this ones about The Blue Oyster.

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  1. I’m trying to understand how a fictional gay men’s club exists as a limbo or way-station for souls that don’t live up to their potential at culturally masculine jobs/careers. It’s a bar, plain and simple.The differing locations could mean the bar moved three times, or the club has three ‘branches’ of sorts like Oyster South, West, etc.

    The fact that no one seemed to be sitting together, drinking, being intimate, whatever was that culturally in the US, people weren’t as open as they are now about their romantic/sexual preferences, hence the bar is ‘hidden’ and seems to relocate.

    Who/Why they entered-
    Cadets Banks and Copeland (1st Movie. First time, intentional and the 2nd time, accidental)
    Sweetchuck, Mahoney, and Hightower (2nd Movie, due to a riot)
    Proctor (3rd/4th Movie) I forget.
    Capt Harris and Proctor (4th Movie) ? I forget.

    How did this theory come about, I’m honestly curious as fan theories are a recent new interest of mine.
    If you have any other vids with fan theories as their theme, I’d like to watch them.
    Reply over, thanks for the vid!

  2. I like this theory.

    I was never a fan of the Police Academy movies, but I’ve seen the first few with friends and managed to sit through them with a few chuckles. I always disliked the Blue Oyster bar because it confused me as a fan of classic rock. Was this a reference to 70s rockers The Blue Oyster Cult? Were they implying that the Blue Oyster Cult members were gay, or that their fans were gay?

    I didn’t get it.

    However, while your theory being the writer or director’s intent is highly improbable, it’s a really good one. I doubt the writers thought that deeply about it, and just wanted some cheap laughs over cops getting sent to a gay bar, and then re-using the setup in the sequels.

    One thing I would note: people outside of any particular role play or fetish lifestyle associate leather (like the bar patrons wear) with BDSM and “punishment” or “discipline” as a generic visual shorthand. So that fits into the theory too.

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