Pop Quiz Hotshot – Pilot Episode

The pilot episode of our 80s/90s pop culture based game show. Two contestants face off with the victor facing the Nostalgia Critic for a chance to win ‘fabulous prizes’. Hosted by Brad Jones.

This will be the first of many episodes. Pop Quiz Hotshot unfortunately had a few issues for us that caused many delays. With the Indiegogo funds we received in September of 2013 we finally now have this show in full production, and will begin planning production for the Comic Book show and eventually the video game related game show.

With the $89,757 that we received from Indiegogo we used $47,767.67 on Indiegogo fees,perks (ordering,shipping and shipping supplies), studio upgrades,a studio/filming insurance upgrade,new equipment,sets and the initial costs for this show (5 filmed episodes and 5 test episodes).

The leftover money is being used to continue filming Pop Quiz Hotshot, and will also be used to film the other two shows we still have slated.

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Creator of 5 Second Movies, Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews and more.


  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Ummmm Are You Afraid of the Dark is not Alone in the Dark…

  2. Rough start but everything starts that way. Plenty of potential, looking forward to more.

    • SimmonsTwoPointOh

      Rough start?!

      this is awful!
      cinematography is a joke, sound audio is pathetic, they gave brad a shot gun mic for a camera as a podium mic that doesnt pic up properly.

      Hell they used parts back when Brad had HAIR WHAT THE FUCK!?
      they used a pilot where a player blows another out of the water!

      The questions and challenges are fucking awful and worse of all its not funny.
      Not to mention this set looks like it was made by a trip to the thrift store and dollar general with a 100 dollar budget.
      Bad lighting, bad audio, bad color, bad everything!

      If this isnt an april fools prank then everyone who donated needs to report CA for fraud or a tax scam.
      And if it isnt a scam, then its worse because it shows they’re lazy or honestly thinks this is good.
      And the prize is 100 bucks?
      Jesus, what is the price for PARKING in chicago?

      The only positive is Brad, and he looks like a captive getting prodded.

      for just under 50 grand this is AWFUL
      just AWFUL.
      un-excusably awful.

    • Exactly! Those who don’t like the show should either not bother watching and/or prove they can do better. In the meantime, lighten up and have fun! That was the whole point of creating this show!

  3. Finally! Been waiting forever for this!

    • Ok, finally watched it and enjoyed it for the most part, but I have a small amount of issues.

      Maybe get another mic for Doug and the contestants since it was hard to hear them when Brad pulled the mic away from them.

      Also, maybe have Barney, Jim, Rob, Malcolm, and other people as audience members since there needs to be crowd reactions.

      Other than those, looking forward to the next episode!

  4. Add a canned audience, and this would be fun.

  5. I can’t tell if I will like this or not. Haha, I’d go on this show just to wear the Rita headpiece. That was the best part of this episode. Well, onto the Nostalgia Critic episode.

  6. MiscellaneousSoup

    It’s okay. I’ll continue to watch it, I suppose.

  7. For my comment on this debut episode, please see my comment on the debut episode of “Demo Reel”.

  8. You got almost everything right, but there seems to be too much dead air in the actual game. As someone mentioned earlier, canned audience reactions would help. Besides that, good job.

    And for the record, I would have annihilated in the final round.

  9. Moviemantweeter1999

    Stay tuned there is a scene after the credits with brad and ms.Stockholm(its totally worth it) love the video and can’t wait to see more. But I think the comic book show will probably be hosted by linkara(since he’s the guy who reviews comics on the site obviously).

  10. You need a captive audience. The jokes fall flat in a big empty room.

  11. Alastair Stevans

    Loved the show, room for improvements.
    What can I do to get on the show, I live in the UK but would be well up for it

  12. well that was painful

  13. Some advice, multiple choice, 3 contestants, peppy music, throw in some stupid nonsense questions for the contestants and Brad to tell silly jokes (What’s your favorite color? Blue. WRONG!), and reward the contestants for being generally entertaining.

    • An example of that last part would be rewarding points for a wrong answer that was kinda funny. (Who was the lead character of the original MY Little Pony? A horse.) [Not that funny but you get what I mean]


      Or…. a (prop) prize for the winner. A BRAND NEW CAR! (Tonka) Do those still exist? But it’s new…So was Nostalgia critic. Once upon a time, it was Doug walker in a hat and a loosely fitting red tie. He couldn’t even afford the goatee at the time. Now, he has behind the scenes episodes, end of the year shows, Malcolm, Tamara, Rachel, Brad, and a host of others, whose names escape me. And his dad.

      Give the show time to build and hey, you might be surprised.

      For those who whine and complain, I will say, again, what I’ve already said…5 times since I’ve been here…. PROVE you can do better! Seriously. This is a CHALLENGE. In the meantime, either get a sense of humor and enjoy the fun, or find something else for your cynical self to be doing, instead of bitching about other people’s efforts. The effort YOU aren’t making!

      • You know that people are allowed to have opinions and critique other people’s work? You do know that this should have had a lot more effort put into considering that these guys have been doing different shows for 5+ years, but this pilot reeks of boredom and a lack of effort compared to any other pilot of a show I’ve seen. It was boring and failed to capture my attention.
        Your response of ” prove you can do better” doesn’t hold much merit considering that normal people aren’t going to use online vids/ shows as their main job along with other side gig stuff, and don’t get 90k in kickstarter funds for their shows from other people. The only thing that needs to be proven here is the this crew delivers on their promises and strives to improve most of the stuff with this show. If they can’t do that, then the show will be done.

  14. RulersAreTooExpensive

    This is everything I expected it to be and so much more.

  15. After 3 months of ignoring my CA account, I’ve logged in just now to see say that this whole thing is awful. You tried multiple times, and /this/ is the pilot? Good lord! The Walkers and Mike Michaud are amazing incompetent. Those who contributed real $ to this should be angry.

    Better read this comment quick before someone deletes it, folks!

    I still love Brad, though!

    • Whoa, no need to be paranoid, they have let far worst go by without deleting it, and too my knowledge they don’t have a history of deleting criticisms. And don’t act like your comment contains profound insight that people will lose out on if you’re comment were to be deleted. Not everyone is going to be angry, cause obviously not everyone is going to think it was as awful as you did. I wouldn’t call it awful, sure it wasn’t really good, which is made worst by the fact that this isn’t their first time. If the other stuff they tried was worst, well I can only imagine how boring it would have been, but they can definitely improve on things and make it work.

      • Om ZigtheHunter It’s not paranoia there are at least a dozen negative comments that were on here that are gone now. There has been censorship in these comments. Several people report elsewhere they made a negative comment and got a temp ban for harassment of all things.

        Don’t know why but there has been a site attempt to keep negative comments to a minimum for this new show.

        • Deleting comments =/= censorship.

          • Would “Minimizing negative response” work better for you? Ether way the same point comes across early on the site admin was trying to remove anything that wasn’t supportive to the new show.

            Thankfully it appears that has stopped for the most part which I support whole heartly

          • SimmonsTwoPointOh

            it actually is. Its not a violation of the first amendment, but it is censoring by definition.

            And its because they want a circle jerk in the comments because they know this is unacceptable.

            Demo reel wasnt this bad.

    • THEN PROVE YOU CAN DO BETTER and STOP bitching and watching stuff you obviously HATE!!!! SHEEEESHHHH!!!!!!

  16. Yep. It totally came out on time and had effort put into it and everything.

  17. For a first attempt at a game show episode, it’s not bad. These guys aren’t pros, ya know. They don’t have years of experience and other game shows under their belt. And, I’ve seen some pretty… shaky shows that actually made it to television.

    I, for one, would like to see this show continue… assuming that the people get a little more comfortable in their roles in it. If there’s no marked improvement though…

    • Exactly. I don’t understand why those criticizing this so harshly would expect experience with making internet reviews and skits to translate instantly into a capacity to produce a quiz show. They’ve had several failed attempts, but then they’re obviously learning on the go.

      • SimmonsTwoPointOh

        Because they had so much time to work on it, filmed this SEVERAL times, like more than 5, used the BARE MINIMUM of effort in literally everything, the set is horrendous and the camera and audio is inexcusable, not to mention the editing.
        They gave Brad and damn shotgun mic for an announcer/host mic.
        So apparently someone cant even google search cheap mics.

        • I agree.. this looks much worse than what I was expecting. Like its ridiculously embrassing for these people who have been doing this for quite a while.

  18. I see the potential, I see the funny, I see it! This can work!

  19. moviemakerdude80

    How/Why is Max even there? Is he somebody’s cousin or something?

  20. Well, I see that people are trying. I don’t want to say it sucks but it needs work. Some laughter or music would be good. Pace the questions a little better, or just have less questions. I don’t know what was up with acting like you were going to really shoot the contestant but that was dumb. Having John look miserable made watching it uncomfortable not to mention felt staged. Plus wasting Nostalgia Critic. Not sure what else to say but, needs a lot of work.

  21. Enjoyed the show but could do with some canned laughter or other noise to fill the dead air. Also want to point out I’m British and knew more about your tv shows than your contestants, either I’m very tragic or very old.

  22. Lots of room for improvement but it has potential. I think everyone else pretty much covered all the bases. Brad was funny as usual but the emptiness of the room made it feel awkward.

  23. I want to touch the bit of belly between Tamara’s boobs.

  24. On Goof Troop, PJ stands for Pete Jr. So Max was correct.

  25. To those who are already acting like jerks, keep in mind that this is a pilot episode. Personally, after watching, I can tell they’ve got a lot to improve on, it left a lot to be desired, and it might or might not be interesting enough for me to keep watching, but again – just a pilot. Maybe the next episodes will be much better, given rabid complainers give the show some time to develop before asking to kill it with fire.

  26. I agree, an audience, even a fake one would definitely liven it up a little. otherwise, good.

  27. I was up for vacation the week before they were filming the next episode. T.T I would have failed, but it would have been fun.

  28. SimmonsTwoPointOh

    Holy shit, this is awful.

    Brad Jones looks like he wants to shoot himself, the production TERRIBLE, set looks like a trip to the dollar store, not funny of anything.

    • Well, Brad did impersonate Jamie from Mythbusters and said he was going to go kill himself in the Critic’s Sharknado review.

      • SimmonsTwoPointOh

        I hope he does, him and Sage are the only real reason to come to this site now.


          Excuse me, but do you have any cheese to go with all this WHINE!? You spent all this time COMPLAINING instead of being somewhere else, where you would enjoy yourself and the rest of us wouldn’t have to choke on all your sour grapes!

          What the *&^%^ were you expecting on and independent budget?! The Jeopardy Tournament of Champions?!?! Buddy/Lady, either S_ _T or get off the pot. PROVE…seriously, get off your back side and PROVE you can DO something better than what you’re having a crap attack about!!

          • You’d pay 100 dollars for doug to shit in your hand, wouldn’t you happyscribbler?

          • Sounds like you’re the whiner here, happyscribbler. Are you angry that not everyone thinks that this pilot was acceptable?

  29. I love this show!

    Alright, here’s how I did:

    Original round- #3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 correct.

    Optimus Prime- #3, 4, 6-11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 20, 22, 25, 26

    Round 2- #3-10, 15, 16

    Rita Repulsa- #1, 2, 3, 5-8, 10, 12, 13, 15

    NC round- #1-9, 11, 13, 14

    Just keep plowing ahead, guys: You’ll work out the kinks over time.

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