Popeye (Arcade) – Weird Video Games

Popeye collects the metaphorical concepts of love, music, and cries for help.

Weirdness rating: 5/10

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From multiple-personality assassins fighting exploding zombie clowns to computerized Kabuki dancers who attack robots with their hair, Tom "Heisanevilgenius" White struggles to make sense of the brain-scabbing insanity that can be found in video games. If it's weird and it's a video game, count on Tom to be the lone intrepid adventurer to step forward and make fun of it.

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Chicken Puppet
First, let me say I really enjoy these, especially since I’ve played some of the more obscure titles you cover… but I have a few gripes and this episode is a good one to do it! 1) Very well known and licensed games don’t work too well because we’re all familiar with them, or the devs have to shoehorn aspects of the franchise into an interactive experience limited by technology and contemporary expectations. EG: A lot of the “weirdness” in Popeye comes from respecting the source material. Have you watched many of the cartoons or read the comics? Wimpy is… Read more »