Portal 2 & Greek Mythology – Stuff You Like

In this episode, we team up with Christi from Musical Hell to dive deep into Portal 2 and its mythological roots. What has Portal 2 taken from Greek Mythology? Is GLaDOS really a Prometheus allegory? Is that Aeschylus hiding in the corner of that painting? And just how dumb is Epimetheus? I mean, Wheatley? I mean…Epiwheatlius?

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  1. Two of my most favorite things! Hurrah!

  2. The subject of this video is an interesting concept. Although, I probably would have gotten even more out of it if I had played Portal 2. LOL. Still a good video though.

  3. Huh, never thought of it that way… Also, Diva’s presence here was a delightful surprise!

  4. Wow that was great!

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