Power Rangers (2017) – Honest Review

By popular demand, ERod shares his thoughts on the latest Mighty Morphing reboot.

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  1. Wow, the Power Rangers theme song actually has more play time in this video than it does in the movie.

    And that is actually my biggest issue with the film: the music. For me, watching the show, the music is such a major part of it. That kickass guitar riff comes on and you just get excited and pumped for the action. This movie is completely lacking in that, and the score in general is rather bland.

    Other than that, I thought it was pretty good.

  2. Jason David Frank was by many accounts a bullying homophobic douchebag on the set of the original show. So, really, fuck that guy. He’s the one original cast member who really shouldn’t have been called back for anything.

  3. I enjoyed this movie. As an old school Power Rangers fan, this was a fun movie. Plus, one reason to watch this movie: Megazord suplexing a giant monster. Any arguments against that is invalid!

  4. TragicGuineaPig

    “Teenagers with ATTITUDE!” – To be fair, he doesn’t specify BAD attitude. Just attitude.

  5. This was a good video, ERod. This movie was above average for me. (SPOILERS) My first complaint was that the teenage problems got too real such as dying mothers. That’s a real bummer when I’m here for fun. I don’t care about relating to characters if it’s an action movie. The only other complaint (and it’s a big one for me) is that there was barely any action. If those things had been fixed, I would have loved it. Elizabeth Banks, the last battle, the training montage, the over-the-top product placement, and the one time the theme played really sold the movie for me. The CGI wasn’t a big deal for me. I honestly can’t tell the difference if it’s in a movie. I also liked all the designs. Lastly, they kinda did explain why the Zords looked like dinosaurs by saying that they take on the form of what is strongest or something like that.

  6. Wouldn’t it be awesome of JDF and AJJ played Tommy’s parents in the sequel? JDF can be Tommy Sr. too.

  7. So, I by no means want to assert that this is an all around amazing film or begrudgingly claim that it changes the landscape of film the way the Transformer franchise did, but for what this film delivers, I had a lot of affection for it. As an entry in the Power Rangers franchise, it is most definitely a step in the right direction. Initial trailers had me concerned about the tone of the characters, but the finished product definitely stuck a good balance between the role model mentality of the original and the more serious, angsty tone the trailers implied. They somehow managed to not only infuse Trini with a personality but arguably make her the best ranger (her or Bill). Yes, Rita is MVP of this movie. I’m still not entirely certain if I liked the aesthetic of the suits and zords, but I’ve seen worse. As for the product placement, okay it’s bad, but it’s so bad but it cycles back to hilarious. I think Elizabeth Banks eating a donut will end up being my desktop background in the near future.

  8. I personally really enjoyed the movie. I watched Power Rangers as a kid, but not enough that I remembered any details. A friend and I just decided to see the movie together because we’ve made a habit of going and seeing new movies to old franchises we enjoyed, (DBZ, Yugioh, and Power Rangers so far), and we were both surprised by how enjoyable it was of a movie. Is it a perfect movie? Not at all. But it is definitely worth watching. Also, they do absolutely explain why the robots are in the form of dinosaurs in the movie, because they were the most powerful creatures on the planet at the time that they were made. It’s understandable though if ERod missed the line that said that, however…..

  9. they do explain why the zords are dinosaurs and he borowed his sword or something like that. For the Zords they explained how they chose the strongest things on the planet being the dinosaurs and became them. So the Mega Zord in the end became a human symbolizing that humans are now the strongest.

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