Power Rangers 2017 Movie – AT4W

ZOMG, Linkara is doing a full review of the new Power Rangers movie and totally not a video in the style of another video producer!

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  1. Love the new format. Please make it a regular thing.

  2. Welp, didn’t see this coming. On the subject of the new Power Rangers movie, if there was more action and less (SPOILER) sexting, etc., I would have loved the new movie and not just tolerated it. OH! Wait, I just realized what day it was. 😉

  3. Happy April Fool’s Day! I thought you’d just show that video with Brad. I have no idea who this is imitating. There’s a million shows here! How am I supposed to keep track of them all? I did feel like I learned something.

    • Jimquisition, I believe. He’s not on AT4W.

      Not sure what the rest of the video had to do with him, as it seemed pretty much AT4W content.

      • Yes, Jim Sterling. Specifically how he makes fun of Ubisoft’s use of the word “iconic”, and his obsession with Pogs and Boglins.

        Also the Shrimp Thing comic was a reference.

      • That was supposed to say he’s not on Channel Awesome.

        And the entire style is the Jimquisition show, not just one or two parts.

  4. May you spend 10,000 years in a dumpster on the moon for this, Linkara.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Your Jim nice

  6. That is a scarily accurate impression.

  7. I really dislike the DC reboots. It feels like they’ve had one every year. If anything, I feel like they just need a Ultimate Universe it where they only have a few main stories running at any given time with a few extra crossovers within each storyline and crossovers across all the comics. However, just reading the one that you enjoy along with the main crossover title should be enough for you to understand what is going on and you should still be able to enjoy your favorite character’s story without having to buy the crossover. That is what makes it work for me. To this day, Blackest Night and Sinestro Corps are the only crossover that I have bought and Ultimate Spiderman is the only series that I own every issue of.

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