Power Rangers – Angry Trailer Reaction

AngryJoe & OtherJoe React to the revamped Power Rangers Film, here’s our First Impressions of the upcoming 2017 movie!

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  1. i remember when the first episode deputed of Power Rangers and i am very hopeful for this movie. I am just like you Joe we need to have a Balls to the Wall remake like you described, but i am thinking they will be making Zordon some sort of AI in this movie since the Command Center looks more like a spaceship here. I agree with everything you said. The trailer for me is hopeful to say the least.. not too much was shown which is good so nothing is getting ruined for me. but at the same time not too much was shown to make me dislike or get excited for either. But despite that im going to be there opening weekend if not opening night.

  2. Well, Twilight vibes might add that goofy element to it and Michael Bay vibes means explosions so I don’t mind. Yeah, I don’t hate this trailer but there IS that nervousness in the back of my head. Although, even if the movie is good, watch… they’re going add a rap to the theme song. -_-

  3. Why does this look like a sci fi version of The Breakfast Club?

  4. I get Breakfast Club mix with Chronicle.

  5. Its probably going to be a case of a Bad teaser trailer but we will probably get a more fleshed-out better trailer later on. I am sensing it will be like Spiderman 3 where it was nothing but a CW Teen Drama wanting to be a superhero movie.

  6. I dunno looks like one of those adaptations that gets everything wrong, like Fan4stic. They should just embrace the inherent silliness of power rangers.

  7. The thing I’m most concerned about is the whole giving them superpowers without the suits on. The rangers weren’t really super powered unless they were morphed as far as i can recall, they were just mostly competent martial artists. It feels wrong this way. The whole breaking the sink as he discovers he has super strength reminds me way too much of Amazing Spider Man. It feels like they’re trying a little too hard to imitate other super hero movies rather than using the actual super heroic source material.

    To be fair, it is like you said, this is hardly a heavy hitting franchise that they’re working with, so it’s not like it’s a big deal if it’s not completely right. I’m not going to scream that it’s a terrible adaptation yet, but I am leaning on the wary side of things here.

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