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The History of Power Rangers returns with Dino Charge! Power Rangers and dinosaurs – it’s a concept so old, it’s set in a museum!

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. I agree with you Linkara, the finale of Dino Charge was absolutely insane which is probably why I loved it. It was stupid yes but like Brute Force it was gloriously stupid and I’m okay with that.

  2. Just think: it’ll only take the Angry Video Game Nerd several years to catch up with you.

    Okay, when that T-Rex showed up, I really wanted Dr. Grant to pop out and say, “He can’t see us if we don’t move!”

    • Let me get this straight: an immortal caveman? I wonder if, in the far future, he gets trapped on a dead earth with a depowered Superman.

      Green eggs? I do not like them, Sam I Am!
      Even if there isn’t any green ham.
      I do not like them with a Pterosaur,
      I do not like them with a Zord.

      • Huh? But Vandal Savage is a villain.

        That IS who you meant right? I mean, Kamandi is neither immortal nor from prehistoric times, hell, he’s not even superpowered and would only possibly count as a superhero in the loosest sense. I can’t recall if he even lived in a cave or not as there were plenty of old manmade structures he could have lived in.

        • In that version of the future, that Vandal Savage actually becomes a hero of sorts. After spending thousands of years ruling over a barren wasteland that he created, he realizes that he was wrong, and he even helps Superman return to the present to prevent the disaster he caused that left the earth in that shape. Of course, he doesn’t survive; when time is rewritten and the earth returns to the way it should be, he becomes a ghost and fades away.

  3. Since my viewing of Power Rangers has been off-and-on, I think this was in my off phase. Although, I must have seen at least one episode since I definitely remember Poisandra.

  4. I do wonder how they would had done version of meeting red rangers from different dinosaur themed PR shows like super sentai had.

  5. Part 1 – Assuming it took Sledge 33 million years to drift away from Earth until he found a comet heading in the right direction then another 33 million years to follow the comet back wouldn’t it have been more efficient call for assistance? Someone was going to pay a bounty on those prisoners.

    Part 2 18:00 – Wait…
    Sledge’s ship was so damaged it needed to tractor beam a comet to return to Earth. Then after crashing it worked better and could tow the planet???

    Arcanon just waited 66 million years? Hiring another bounty hunter to build his army was out of the question?

  6. Dino Charge is a series that shows the RIGHT WAY to actually adapt Sentai into Power Rangers rather than just cut and pasting them. At least…for the most part. Shelby and Riley have basically americanized versions of their Sentai counterparts (Ami being a well off girl who does a job as a waitress to be closer to the action and resents her “proper” lifestyle, and Souji being a wild swordsman who goes against the standards of his family practice although Dino Charge didn’t play with that as heavily). This is a real shame though in the instance of Tyler, because King is a SUPER interesting and upbeat character who ties the team together with his attitude rather than just kinda filling out the role, although Tyler does have the same quest to find his dad as King which resolves itself much differently. The BIGGEST shame though is Koda, who as a concept is fine and I like his character but in the Sentai the Blue Ranger is a grown man in his 30s, an uncle who has to weigh family life with Hero life. Seeing that potential thrown away is really kind of a shame, especially when everyone else is such a good mirror that doesn’t remove any originality just because of adaptation fluff- including the original Purple ranger being an older man who has to pass down the role to a woman.

    On the villains, I can only assume Heckle was some kind of nod to Enter from Go-Buster because of some of the backlash from not adapting it. As a villain (with the exception of the Snide half) he basically has all of Enter’s characteristics- cheeky, manipulative, overturning the status quo…electrical powers. I do enjoy him the most out of everything in Dino Charge.

    That said Dino Charge is actually REALLY good despite it’s flaws and having to follow up the trainwreck from the others. I actually agree with basically everything you pointed out here. It’s…refreshing.

  7. I really enjoyed this season. It was so much better than MegaForce and the characters were likeable and it felt like what Power Rangers should be. And I just loved Heckyl. He made the second half really enjoyable. Overall I think this ranks in the top 10 series. Also this is one of the few seasons I watched before watching your HOPR review so I really agreed with everything you said about the show. Even though the ending made no goddamn sense, you hit it on the nose when you said it was all about the journey. Now… I’ve been watching Ninja Steel weekly and I really don’t like where that show is heading and I hope it picks up.

  8. In part 1 at 35:25.. Is that Necrolai?

    Also just to add, am i the only one that does not like the way they do the controls for the new megazords? Its just them standing on a podium and flailing around in the air to “control” the megazord. They are doing the same thing in the current series. Is it that hard to adapt the current cockpit or is it out of laziness?

  9. Archaeomechology

    Point of fact-

    Archaeology is specifically the study of human remains.
    -Normally with a significant cultural component.

    Paleontology is the study of fossilized remains, in this case specifically dinosaur remains.

  10. Den of Geek ranks the thirty most memorable Red Rangers.
    (yes, thirty – they included several one-time Red Rangers – like evil female SPD Red Ranger, Wild West Red Ranger, Alien Force Red Ranger, “both” Time Force Red Rangers, and many more)

    So……… what do we have????

    Rocky is #19 (Evil female SPD Red Ranger is more memorable than him)
    Tommy is “only” #12 (Red Ranger years only, people)
    Carter Grayson is #9
    and you’ll never guess who #1 is

    so what do you think, Lewis???
    How would your list differ????

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