Power Rangers Mega Battle – Angry Review

Its MORPHIN’ TIME when we take on one of the Worst Games of 2017! AngryJoe & Crew Review the latest Power Rangers game hoping to cash in on Nostalgia before the Reboot Film. A perfect plan for Joe’s old Nemesis Corporate Commander!

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  1. You’d think with today’s technology they could make an incredible beat em’ up game, a genre perfected decades ago in the 90s. Especially based off the Power Rangers license. I don’t remember much of the series beyond a wide array of different weird monsters and Zords and shit, perfect material for a game like this. Instead, we get this bowel movement.

  2. Aw, I was excited when I saw the title for this video but sad when I glanced at the description. 😒 I haven’t heard anything bad about this game until now. O.O Maybe another part of Corporate Commander’s plan? LOL

  3. Go Go Retired Overweight Rangers! xD

  4. I find it funny you keep yelling it’s the worst game of 2016… when it’s 2017. Ahh well, minor point– man this game truly looks like the most cynical bullshit nonsense cash grab possible. I didn’t think a game like this could even exist, it looks like ass and plays horrendously. there’s absolutely no chance this was made by people who gave a shit while programming or designing, it’s the cheapest thing I’ve ever seen in gaming.

  5. Now I am legit curious about what would happen if another ranger walked into another ranger’s transformation energy zord, would it fuse their bodies together like a “The Fly” thing or something like that?

    Cause that would be interesting now that I think about it.

  6. Is the white ranger pregnant?

  7. I saw games like that on Newgrounds…

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