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The Dom revisits his childhood obsession and shares his thoughts on the new Power Rangers movie.

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  1. So while MMPR series (and every PR series) is adaption of super sentai series that movie is reboot instead of being adaptation of adaptation (adaptationception).

    • It’s not an adaptation of the Sentai. It just reuses footage from the Sentai. The stories are completely different.

      • When you adapt the footage, costumes, props, and a bunch of other parts, that’s still called an adaptation. Like with bootleg toys, writing in your own story doesn’t magically negate the rest of the property. It’s how Japanese Spider-man is still a Spider-man adaptation despite sharing even less.

  2. Yeah, I really like how they changed Rita’s backstory. It made a lot more sense. This movie was slightly above average. I just wish this movie wasn’t quite as dark and had more action. I mean I don’t mind the fact that it LOOKS darker but I didn’t like that the subject matter was darker. Everything else was great. I thought that the Krispy Kreme product placement was absolutely hilarious. It gave the movie the corniness that I was looking for.

  3. TragicGuineaPig

    Remakes, reboots, and adaptations always have to walk a fine line between faithfulness to the source material and creativity. Take the recent Beauty and the Beast film: to me, it hasn’t really justified its existence. It’s essentially a shot-remake of the animated film, and doesn’t really offer a whole lot to distinguish itself.

    But on the other hand, a reboot/remake/adaptation also needs to have a modicum of respect for the source material. And as an example of that kind of failure, I point to The Last Airbender: Shyamalan tried too hard to put his own stamp on the characters and their world, but in the process, failed to understand what endeared us to them in the animated show.

    I wasn’t a fan of the Power Rangers. So this movie isn’t going to appeal to me on the basis of nostalgia; it’s going to have to stand on its own to pull me in. But at the same time, I can see how fans of the original would want to see their franchise treated.

  4. Wow. That 4 day lag time feels like forever. I admit, I thought “why is this old content showing up here?” when I saw this here.

  5. I apologize in advance, because I can’t let this go, but Autism spectrum is not a mental disorder. It is neurological, yes, but not all parts of the brain have to do with cognition. The confusion isn’t unfounded as there is a higher rate of other disorders, some of which are mental handicaps, among those on the spectrum. However, it is highly possible to be on the spectrum and function normally, and even obtain a PhD if one has the inclination to. Ergo, being an aspie doesn’t mean Billy would be a bad fit to operate heavy machinery. His issues with technology kind of do mind you…I’ll give you that one.

    I actually kind of liked the Krispy Kreme product placement as I found it kind of funny, but it also pissed me off for a different reason. To be clear, Dom, are you insinuating that even the UK has Krispy Kreme? I know Japan does because I was there. WHY DOESN’T CANADA HAVE KRISPY KREME SHOPS?! ARRGH! At most we have boxes of the plain donuts sold through various third parties, usually under the guise of a charitable initiative, but Krispy Kreme is great and is a US company, so it makes no sense that Europe and Asia would get their shops before us.

    As for the movie, I think it’s alright. I never really watched Power Rangers as a kid so I don’t know it that well, but my gf wanted to see this movie so…meh. It’s funny that fans of the show say it’s not cheesy enough as I think it’s plenty cheesy, and that fact discourages me from wanting to check out the source material, though I wouldn’t mind checking out any potential movie sequels. To my understanding the original show has Japanese stock footage from a Japanese show, which fascinates me, but this movie didn’t seem to have any of that. I mean, Elizabeth Banks played Rita.

  6. Love how giddy he is.

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