Power Rangers Trailer #2 – Angry Reaction

AngryJoe & OtherJoe Morph into Ranger and give their Reaction on the latest Power Rangers Movie Trailer!

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  1. Boy why the hell’s your head bigger with the helmet off? Now you gots ta stop eating them ta-coes Joe! Goddammit!

  2. This trailer was truly awful.

    Civilian powers are actually something we got in a lot of the later Power Rangers series, much to Linkara’s ire.

  3. I really liked this trailer. I’m just going into this movie for some nostalgia and a fun time. I didn’t think that Alpha and Zordon looked bad. At least the Kayne West song made sense in this context. Also, I don’t mind CGI. If it looks cool, why not?

  4. I agree that the music is stupid, but a witty Alpha that talks back instead of running around and screaming Aiaiaiaiaia, is better in my opinion.

  5. maybe they went with “no one man should have all that power” because it’s the only currentish popish song that says anything like “we’re stronger as a team?”

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