Predator Movie Marathon (Epilogue): Batman Dead End.

Hagan found out Omega had never seen any of the Predator movies. One day she decided to fix that. She’s also never seen any of the Alien or AvP films so that might change someday..

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  1. I still think that the reception that Dead End got all over helped convince Time Warner to go with a grittier tone for Batman Begins.

    Whether that’s a good thing, I’ll leave up to others.

  2. Loved Andrew Koenig’s Joker. Really sad that he passed away so young.

  3. Yo Diamanda. I haven’t talked to you in ages and ages (I’ve regrettably missed most of your reviews, along with everyone else’s; college is stupidly busy) but I just wanted to say I really appreciate these Predator reviews. Y’all hit on plenty of very, very good points. (Although, I would say that the yakuza/predator swordfight was meant as a bit of fan service, letting us finally see what we did NOT see when Billy got his offscreen death.) But the ALIEN franchise is my real favorite, so I’m eagerly awaiting that marathon.

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