Prepack: Eversafe Chili-Mac MRE Review

Tyger brings Prepack to Channel Awesome with a 5 mile hike and dinner in a bag!

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MUD2MMO is a bi-weekly show talking about gaming culture. It's not a typical review or "go buy this game" show, we focus on the gamers, the industry, everything else. Come on by, enjoy the show.


  1. This was an interesting video. MREs are definitely food made for eating outside.

  2. I approve of this video.

    • Awesome! I’ve got some plans to do a couple more as sort of “Tests” for Chanel Awesome. If you folks like the style, I’ll keep doing them for ya!

  3. Huh. I forgot about you. Have you been putting out content on CA?

    • Oh. You’re MUD2MMO. I thought that was a podcast, based on the name.

      • Yeah, the “Prepack” shows are a side project I’ve been doing since 2010 or so. It’s not intended to REPLACE the gaming shows, but be a change of pace for me. I wanted to put one on the site to see if ‘yall liked it or not. I’d like to create more content for the Channel Awesome fans, but the gaming stuff is hard to do weekly. So if I can do shows like this one, and you folks like it, I’ll do it!

  4. Allways good to have variety.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I actually heard about this three weeks ago on your Facebook fan page so I went to subscribe to the channel and never really watched any of the videos until now that is. I actually really enjoyed this more please? But did you eat your m&ms cause you just showed them and then didn’t being them up again? Now I challenge MikeJ for one of his meal week things to go out on a walk while eating though he will have to see this comment. Can you tell him about it if your on twitter or something? This video about food reminded me that I was hungry but didn’t really go eat cause I needed to finish the videos on this site.

    Now off to get a snack then go to bed and rest until tomorrow.
    See y’all!!!!!!!

    • Hey there! First of all thank ya!

      The M&M’s. I cut this part out for time, and on the next one I’ll actually mention it on camera, but MRE candies I usually pocket them for later. Reason is that if I’m hiking, the sugar boost is nice for later on, and you can easily carry the M&M’s without diving into a backpack or similar.

      Mike’s ration week was good and all, I’m actually envious he had rain because I’d rather do MRE style videos like this in bad weather. In the backlog of the channel I’ve got videos of preparing MRE’s in mid-winter in the back of my snow-trapped Jeep.

      As far as more? I’ve got one Prepack project I’ve been working on for literally 5 weeks, and should be done mid-June. The only hint I’ll give is I’ve logged 92+K on foot to do it, and I’ll be pleased if I can put 100K into this video. I’m also planning a remote trip to do a show in a more realistic application for MRE’s, but that’s going to have to wait a few weeks.

      And go eat! Videos can be paused! 🙂

  6. Great video.

    You should show us more!

  7. The Tick: “SPOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!”

  8. WIIIIIMP! … sorry, it felt like a challenge.

    Having enjoyed the show for awhile now but not taking the time to look back into its history, the exposition was a nice tale of roots. I enjoyed that, and should be simple enough to introduce the show as a new source on CA. 🙂

    Also Texas? No offense to any cowboys, but if you want spicy, no one does it better than Cajun Country. Though I will admit by appearances, that did look good… but so does Wendy’s chili. What they shoulda done was packed it with cornbread so you could compliment the chili, maybe even a little dipper or two. But then I’m no expert on freeze dried fooding.

  9. Always like a Tick reference. Good video, man. Looking forward to more episodes!

  10. @ 8:05 yeah spicy food + dairy + my neurotic digestive track + no indoor plumbing = Steve, Steve what did you see back there? Oh gods the horror the sight will never leave my mind.

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