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Happy February! I think it’s time for a character study, and this week’s victim is everyone’s favourite honour-seeking burn victim, Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Or Avatar: The Legend of Aang. Whichever you like. Zuko, everyone!

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  1. It’s a good video, but I have one complain: there should be a brief recap of the pirate episode. I don’t recall this episode at all, and was a little confusing hear about how this character act in this instant while trying to understand what happens in the episode.

  2. Loved the video and especially the music choice for the background. The Azula/Zuko battle is one of the finest moments in animation, bar none. Glad to see you back here and hope your pregnancy is still going well (I don’t use twitter so I’m not sure where you are along in it)

  3. While I don’t necessarily disagree with your take on the matter – and it is very well said – I’m getting sick to my teeth of listening about Zuko on literally every single occasion that Avatar: The Last Airbender comes up. I get it, we all like the dark, brooding prettyboy and we will yank characters out of context to turn them into that. Why do I never hear anything about Sokka, or Katara, or even Aang all that often? They all go through just as massive and deep an internal journey of growth as Zuko, but because they’re not Draco in Leather Pants, their character arcs only ever get brought up with an academic tone.

    Maybe that’s hype backlash talking, but I like Zuko less and less the more I hear about him. And I didn’t like him particularly much in the show, either. Kept thinking the actor sounded like Greg Cipes doing Caleb from WITCH.

  4. Now that I’m on Channel Awesome, I can finally say how much I enjoy your videos and your take on shows and movies. This is no exception – Zuko and Iroh are probably my favorite characters on Avatar, though it’s a close call considering nearly every character in Avatar is great. If you plan on continuing this for the cast of Last Airbender, I look forward to it!

  5. Zuko is, to me, the best character in the show. He has the most compelling and fully fleshed out arc of the entire cast. If it weren’t for all that villain shit he was going through in season 1 I’d say that he should have been the primary protagonist of the show rather than Aang (who is my least favorite character in the show). I also like your analysis. I’d never thought about that creepy, faux seductive behavior he exhibited as being an imitation of his sister and father, but it makes a lot of sense given the rarity of it.

  6. Great to see you back!!

    I couldn’t really follow this because I’m not really familiar with the Avatar series (I started watching and I really like it; Not sure why I never finished it)

    But still, very enjoyable video; can’t wait for the next on! (which will be in March, I’m guessing?)

    Take care 🙂

  7. You almost always make videos that make me think. I mean that in a good way for once. 😀

  8. It’s funny actually this video also made me realize that if I had never seen that pirate episode I probably would have never been a hardcore Zutara shipper like I was back in the day (Which I have moved on, though it took a while and mostly falling in love with Tenzin to accept that I lost the war finally), because they way he acted in that episode fueled mine (and a lot of people’s) interest in the ship so badly.

  9. This is fantastic video essay! I’ve always seen Zuko as the second most fleshed-out, realistic, engaging, complex, and multi faceted character in the Avatar franchise. (Second only to Korra, that is. I guess my name and icon gives that away.) But yeah, I’m always up for seeing more analytical readings of Zuko, rather than just straight-up fangirling, which I see a lot more often. So this was really a breath of fresh air.

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