Princess vs. Princess – Suede’s Pokemon Journey

Mist and Jessie fight for the right to incite their spite! Also, I made it one year! Hooray!

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  1. This is the episode I remember the most when I watched the show as a child.
    And its still my favourite episode, because of the comedy, the cultural context behind this episode. And of course the Pokémon competition, which I could very easily see it as part of the original video game.

  2. Crossover Princess

    Me while watching the Patron Rap: Oh man… this is great! I hope this is how he does it from now.

    Suede: I’m never doing that again.

    Me: GOD DAMN IT!

    • I was thinking the same god damn thing.
      I am chuckling thru the whole song and thinking, “This could just be the new credits sequence” and then “NOPE.”

  3. I liked this episode because it showed Jessie (and Meowth) doing well. When Team Rocket wants to they can do pretty good.

  4. I still wonder if the Lick attack is one big Dragon Quest reference. System-wise, DQV was essentially the monster-catching, turn-based jRPG inspiration for Pokemon and also happened to introduce that attack to its own franchise. While it didn’t paralyze, it would creep out a target and make them lose a turn. Naturally used by Ghosts, Yetis, and other monsters with a giant tongue hanging out.

  5. I always look forward to this from week to week. I’m excited to see you doing the rest of the Indigo League eventually

  6. Congrats on the anniversary! Woop woop! Also, I love that Conan the Barbarian reference.

  7. “You want to throw down balls, sister???”


  8. Oh man! I didn’t even remember this episode until the review! I didn’t know anything about Hinamatsuri as a kid – I just knew I wanted that doll set myself XD Wonder if they actually made them in Japan?

    Congrats on reaching the year mark, Suede! It’s been a fun ride. Looking forward to seeing more!

  9. Look over misty’s lunch again, there’s tons of protein, it just comes in the form of cream and mousse.

  10. congrats, it already 1 year pass by. sweet 😀

  11. It is amazing you made it to a year, but like all good shows, you have left me wanting more. 🙂

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