Projector: Maze Runner – The Scorch Trials / Legend (2015)

Film Brain is seeing double, as Tom Hardy plays both the Kray twins, while the second installment in the Maze Runner franchise has a disappointing lack of mazes.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I’ll be seeing the maze runner the scorch trials tommorow. I didn’t really like the first one but based on what you said I’ll probably be going in with low expectations.

    I actually really wanted to see legend going into the video but once I heard it was from the point of the side character and them wasting a huge talented cast is just big bs and upsets me considering they could have made something great but decided to just focus on this one character. Totally ridiculous!!!!!:(

  2. When there’s so much footage and you’re horrible stilted delivery it makes it painfully obvious you’re just reading a script. And if you do at least try to have the footage correspond with what you’re talking about instead of being completely unrelated, just to be on the screen. Can’t you just talk about the movie normally or at least try to memorize your lines. Why are you complimenting the Wes Ball, the director, at all when you’re talking about parts taken directly from the book, maybe you should actually read some of these before reviewing them
    Stop wasting your time and get a real job shit-head.

    • Well, he gets payed for these reviews, so it is his real job, shit-head. If you’re just going to insult the hard work of the people on this site, then piss off, none of them will miss you.

      • There’s no point replying to Bakemyster, he’s a troll who has apparently not had anything better to do than copy and paste “get a real job shithead” on all my videos. I’d actually bother answering to his “constructive” comments, except I know there’s absolutely no point in arguing with someone who apparently hate-loves me so much – I mean, he must if he’s taking time out of his day to do so for this long.

        • So it would be pointless to bring up the fact that, being British, you’re being paid in pounds for these videos and thus are likely making FAR more money doing this then he does at whatever job he does?

  3. I watched this for the Krays review, as I’m in two minds about seeing it. I know that the relative/s weren’t happy about it, thinking that it wasn’t accurate. Your review helped affirm this to an extent, and I thought you gave a good constructive overall analysis.

  4. Why no more Bad Movie Beatdown? You haven’t done one of those in a while.

    • Yeah. I miss Bad Movie Beatdown a lot too!

      • The immediate priority was to find a new video host and getting over 300+ videos back up, while still putting out new content. And trust me, finding a video host that would accept episodes of Bad Movie Beatdown was not easy. So it’s perhaps understandable why I’ve not exactly been putting loads of them out recently.

        And the last one was back in July, so it wasn’t that long.

        • MidnightScreeningsman2014

          Hey film Brain are there any chances you can make your own website number one and number two are you using screen wave?Finally what’s the next movie gonna be for bad movie beatdown(perhaps the 2013 men in black rip off R.I.P.D. For the next episode if not then what?

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