Projector: Nightcrawler / The Babadook

In a Halloween Special, Film Brain looks at two unsettling movies that will get under your skin: a creepy Jake Gyllenhaal becomes a Nightcrawler, and the Australian chiller that is one of the best horrors in recent memory.

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"Bad Movie Beatdown" takes a look at the very worst that Hollywood has to offer with commentary and analysis. "Projector" is reviews of current UK releases that have yet to open in the US. There may also be some commentaries and other material.

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  1. I don’t even remember where we first heard of it, but my roommates and I loved The Babadook when we watched it. Seeing your review was an extra treat, because everything you said was spot on. The cast was so well picked, their emotions and the changes they go through, both slowly and on-a-dime snaps, just wow! I hope Jennifer Kent makes more movies, because she is an exquisite writer and director!

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