Projector: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies / Black Sea

In the final Projector episode of the year, Thorin and his dwarves go to war in the last of the Middle Earth saga, and Jude Law goes after a sunken Nazi U-boat – all for the sake of gold.

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  1. Found Footage Sex Appeal

    Black Sea looks cool! Thank you so much for this year! Your review of The Imitation Game was among the most beautiful homages to Alan Turing ever!

  2. You’ve reviewed a lot of interesting movies this year. I’m really looking forward to your 2014 review for this reason. Thanks for your great work this year.

  3. Leaving Middle Earth… until they find a way to turn The Silmarillion into a movie.

  4. I have to say that things I liked the least of the original LOTR movies were the long battle scenes. They simply bored me, as most battle scenes of their ilk do.

    I really liked the second Hobbit movie, but something tells me I wouldn’t like this movie.

    When I heard you say “45 minute battle scene,” I thought, “Nope!” That meshed well with my reaction to Chris Stuckman’s early review of the film.


  5. The Hobbit really should have been only 2 movies stretching it to 3 movies was a huge mistake. End the first movie when Bilbo and the Dwarves leave Laketown for the Lonely mountain open the 2nd movie on the Confrontation with Smaug and end with the battle of the of the Five armies

    *Sigh*I hate to say it but while Peter Jackson may be a true blue fan of Tolkien’s books and he captured their epic scale on film he really, really, missed a lot of their more meaningful themes (for example: The Ring of Power is not an allegory for addiction its an allegory authoritative power hence the f-ing name: The ruling Ring of power. The under lying theme of LOTR is that power is best put in the hands of people who have the least desire and ambition for it and Jackson missed that entirely) and most of his liberties like turning Legolas and the elves in general into Mary Sues detracted from rather than added to the series.

    I’ll leave the critiques there because I do like the LOTR films flaws and all but The Hobbit movies disappointed me initially I thought the simpler story telling and faster pace of The Hobbit might be more up Peter Jackson’s ally than LOTR and he’d be even better suited bring it to film but them as its turns out Peter Jackson inexplicably tried to make The Hobbit bigger and deeper than it was to begin with and result is bloated and over wrought not to the point where it unbearable but definite to the point where you just want to fast forward through the superfluous fluff that really didn’t need to be there and added nothing worthwhile.

  6. I have to agree with your Mathew, the biggest problem of the Hobbit movies is the overstretched detail and the digital look of everything. The digital sheen made everything look fake and the scene of Laketown burning in a fiery inferno looked too green-screened.

  7. I agree with some of the criticism, especially the “choppy editing” bit. I felt that the resolution of the film, the aftermath of the battle and everything that followed was way too rushed. This is the final film, and they fight until almost the end, and then there’s almost no resolution to anything. It just feels like a ton of material was cut out of the theatrical version, and the film would have benefitted from less fights and more wrapping up plot points and character arcs. People like to make fun about the Return of the King’s 5 million endings, but there was a lot to conclude and wrap up. The last Hobbit film rushes through the ending and races for the finish line, which left me sitting there bewildered once the credits rolled, asking myself “wait, that’s it?”. That was a little frustrating to me.

  8. Well I am looking forward to the new Hobbit movie, I just love this universe and Tolkien’s work.

    As for Jude Law’s accent, he did an okay job with making it sound Scottish, which is fine for most movie audiences but as someone from Aberdeen, his accent is NOT an Aberdonian one. I really didn’t mind it though and was more impressed with Jude Law attempting it than I was with it.

    I enjoyed the movie a lot, I actually wanted to go see The Hobbit 3 but it was packed out, so I settled for Black Sea and I am so glad that I did. The movie is really good and I would just like to add that if it wasn’t for your recommendation of it Matthew Buck, I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

    I look forward to your annual review of the year, which I presume will be in January…? Hint hint? Lol.

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