Projector: The Water Diviner / A Little Chaos

Film Brain looks at two films from Russell Crowe and Alan Rickman, who are taking turns in the directing chair. Contains some war violence and brief sex.

About Film Brain

"Bad Movie Beatdown" takes a look at the very worst that Hollywood has to offer with commentary and analysis. "Projector" is reviews of current UK releases that have yet to open in the US. There may also be some commentaries and other material.


  1. Alan Rickman with a wig on is still more terrifying than the guy who was the supposed villain of Die Hard 5 who ate a carrot while dancing.

  2. Haven’t heard of The Water Diviner and it’s possible it won’t come to germany, A little Chaos however i’ve seen will open tomorrow at a little cinema in the city so i may watch it.

    Both look interesting, but again, Water Diviner, possible it won’t get to me.

  3. Oh for f*cks sake, what is your problem? Go find something better to do with your time then! As for Film Brain, I like what he does so that explains my presence… What are your reasons for being here?

    This being more than one video of his I’ve seen you in the comment’s section slagging him off, I’m beginning to think you are attracted to him and only say nasty things because you don’t know how to ask him out?

    Well whatever it is, it is coming across as nothing more than childish bullying by this point!

  4. Hi Mathew, you cutie pie! 😀
    I was wondering if you’ve made a BMB or a Projector review on “Horns”, starring Daniel Radcliffe?
    I saw it this weekend, and it was wonderfully terrible, but also horribly terrible… I’d love to hear your opinion on it.

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